The View host Ana Navarro considered moving to this foreign country but decided that it was too white

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The hosts of the morning talk show, The View, claim to be progressive and tolerant women.

But their angry rants, untruths, and attacks on anyone who disagrees with them says otherwise.

And The View host Ana Navarro considered moving to this foreign country but decided that it was too white.

Leftists in America often point to the Nordic nations of Europe as models of pure socialism the United States should aspire to be like.

This includes the radical leftists on The View.

‘Upset 24 Hours a Day’

On a recent episode of The View, the ladies were discussing Finland and how it has been named the happiest country in the world for the sixth year in a row.

Co-host Sunny Hostin put the hardcore leftist spin on it by claiming that Finns are so happy because their government takes care of them. 

She pointed out that Finland provides free healthcare and a year of maternity leave, which she said creates a worry-free socialist utopia.

“All those life stresses that we worry about — like, ‘How am I gonna pay for my kids’ school? How am I gonna pay for my house? How am I gonna do this?’ — they don’t have it! They’re just hanging out!” Hostin stated.

Joy Behar tried to play devil’s advocate by pointing out that they also pay higher taxes in Finland. 

But she quickly backtracked by adding that “I don’t know, Joy, it’s hard to argue against just hanging out.”

Not to be outdone, co-host Ana Navarro offered her thoughts.

“Maybe if you lived in Florida, you would be upset 24 hours a day too,” Navarro said.

Things turn weirdly racist

“Time to move,” Behar said.

Navarro then said she was actually thinking about applying for a chance to win a luxury Finnish vacation but noticed a major problem with all of the Left’s model socialist nations.

It turns out that over 90 percent of citizens are Finnish and the second largest minority group is Swedish. 

While Navarro didn’t come right out and say she didn’t want to visit Finland because it has too many white people, she made a number of very telling comments.

She specifically complained about the country’s lack of Cuban restaurants and good tacos.

But even if she could live without Hispanic cuisine, Navarro can’t stand the embarrassing fact that the countries they revere, like Finland, are predominantly white.

The lack of diversity in so-called socialist utopias like Finland are one troubling aspect that leftists like Navarro cannot wrap their heads around.

Well, it’s really cold too

The overwhelmingly white population aside, it’s hard to believe too many leftists will be migrating from the Sunshine State to Finland anytime soon.

In the winter, temperatures in Finland are on average below freezing and drops as far down as -50 degrees. 

In Miami, the monthly average temperature in the winter never dips below 68 degrees.

So would leftists really bundle up and move to Finland? 

Of course, they could get used to the frigid temperatures. 

But their real problem is admitting to their comrades that they want to move to a country where 99 percent of the population is white.

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