The View’s Whoopi Goldberg almost topped Kanye West with this bigoted anti-Christian meltdown on live TV

The View just keeps finding new ways to be dumb.

The hosts of the show are not even good at regurgitating Democrat talking points.

And The View’s Whoopi Goldberg almost topped Kanye West with this bigoted anti-Christian meltdown on live TV.

Democrats and their Fake News allies are throwing a fit over the Supreme Court hearing a religious liberty case regarding Lorie Smith, a Christian web designer who did not want to be compelled to create a specialized website for a gay wedding against her religious beliefs.

The Smith case is similar to the case of Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who has been harassed by the Left for years for declining to bake a custom wedding cake for a gay wedding.

Democrats despise religious liberty – at least, they despise Christians who seek to exercise their right of freedom of religion and expression – and they’re using the courts to chip away at it.

Enter the women of The View, who are arguing against religious liberty with the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

Host Joy Behar recently had to apologize for falsely claiming that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett was part of a Catholic cult that was listed as a “hate group.”

Now, Whoopi Goldberg might have an apology on deck after her latest rant against Christians.

“I understand some people may not want to do certain things, but let’s put it like this: I get hit by a car in the middle of the Colorado winter wonderland thing, and I’m taken to a hospital where a doctor says, well, I don’t like her politics, I don’t want to work on her, where’s that – what’s being protected there?!” Goldberg claimed.

“See – this – we’ve been through this and the outcome of this is people saying I don’t want to serve you because you’re black, I don’t want to serve you because you’re gay, I don’t want to serve you because you’re a woman, you’re not acting the way a woman should,” she continued. “So whose rights are we protecting? And what’s going on with the Supreme Court that they don’t recognize what this is?”

This is absurd.

Doctors are bound by law and the Hippocratic Oath to render life-saving aid to anyone in need, and the idea that a doctor would allow someone to die because of their political views is absolutely preposterous.

But that, of course, won’t stop deranged left-wing radicals, like Goldberg, from fabricating such straw men and pretending that they actually exist.

“That’s what’s coming!” Goldberg claimed. “That’s what this is about! You want the right at some point to say to me: ‘I don’t like your lifestyle, I don’t like your color, I don’t like your husband, your wife, they’re black, brown, Asian. I don’t like any of it. And I’m not going to serve you.’”

“Two points, if you don’t want to be in service, get out of service!” she added. “Do something else! If you are a doctor also and you work in a Catholic hospital and a Jewish person gets hurt you can’t tell me you’re going to discriminate against them! You can’t tell me you’re going to do it because it’s against the law!”

Interestingly, the only examples of a business or individuals doing exactly what Goldberg describes – banning people from an establishment or refusing service because you don’t like something about them – that actually exist are those of left-wing radicals discriminating against conservatives.

Former Trump Press Secretary, and now Arkansas Governor-elect, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant simply because she was conservative, as well as many other conservatives on college campuses and other establishments, while conservatives are now also being banned by Big Tech, credit card companies, and all sorts of other entire industries.

But in this case, Goldberg is just making up scenarios to rail against Christians.

No one is being turned away from public accommodations for their race or religion in America.

The Left wants to force people to participate in ceremonies against their religious beliefs.

They’re literally doing exactly what Whoopi Goldberg is accusing conservatives of doing – except, for them, the woke left-wing agenda is the religion, and they can’t withstand their fascistic impulses to force it on the entire world, much like radical Islamists and their Caliphate.

That is the crux of the issue.

It’s quite amazing how quickly the Left moved from acceptance to compliance.

Will the court rule in favor of Lorie Smith?