The White House is promoting this disgusting service that will put parents in the backseat

Ever since a draft opinion of the landmark Dobbs decision was leaked, the radical Left has gone completely overboard. 

The Left is clearly obsessed with abortions, and Democrats are in a mad dash to make abortions as widely available as possible. 

But this disgusting service that the White House is promoting is causing a stir because it is designed to circumvent parental control. 

The Left has shown their true colors

Over the last several years, the Left has proven that they will resort to desperate measures to get their way. 

Whether it is rioting, intimidating judges and Supreme Court Justices, interrupting church services, bombing pregnancy centers, or storming state houses, nothing is too depraved for the radical Left. 

The Left has really shown its true colors as of late, and those colors are disgusting. 

There is something about losing the Constitutional right to murder their unborn children that really riles up the Left. 

And every day the Left comes up with even more depraved and revolting ways to get the abortions that they evidently crave. 

But this new scheme from the far-left to offer abortions to teenage girls takes the cake. 

There is no level too low for the Left when it comes to abortions

The pro-abortion Left will sink to any level to make sure that women of all ages can get abortions. 

In fact, the White House just announced that they will promote a program that will aid teenagers in getting abortions without parental consent. 

Just several days ago, the White House tweeted out a link to a website that is designed to help girls as young as 15, or even younger presumably, bypass their local laws so that they can get an abortion. 

In many states, parental consent is needed for abortions or any major medical procedure for that matter. 

Not only is this action by the White House illegal, but is absolutely disgusting. 

Going behind parents’ backs to try and secure abortions for teenagers is nothing short of pure evil. 

The service is known as “abortion finder” and according to their website “We made Abortion Finder because we saw firsthand that for too many people, the process of figuring out where and how to get an abortion is confusing, complicated, and overwhelming,” it goes on to say, “We want it to be easier.” 

The fact that taxpayer dollars are being spent to promote this evil website is a disgrace. 

The time to stand up against the radical Left is now

Given the desperate measures the Left is resorting to abort as many unborn children as possible, now is the time for pro-lifers to stand up and fight back. 

There is no time to rest on any laurels. 

Attorneys General of states that have parental consent laws need to sue the White House as soon as possible to make sure parents are not being tricked and deceived. 

Parents should be making decisions for their underage children, not the federal government, and certainly not sick and twisted pro-abortion nutcases. 

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