These deranged college leftists are revolting against the very left-wing machine that created them

The left-wing outrage mob is beginning to turn against itself.

Slowly but surely, they are self-cannibalizing and imploding right before America’s eyes.

And now, these deranged leftists are revolting against the very left-wing machine that created them.

It’s just not sustainable

The entire Social Justice house of cards depends on the radical Left constantly inventing new enemies and causes to rail against.

But eventually – thanks to the fact that none of their radical social engineering efforts are rooted in anything close to reality – they simply begin to devour themselves.

That’s why you see left-wing radicals telling white female “boomers” – the very group who literally pioneered the entire radical feminist, pro-abortion ideology they claim as their own – that they are not allowed to have opinions about Roe v. Wade being overturned.

And why this group of deranged college leftists have suddenly flipped the script and have begun revolting against the very machine that created them.

On Wednesday, a group of radical left-wing students at UC-Berkeley – go figure, right? – flooded the campus’ People’s Park yelling and screaming, “Housing is a human right!”

You see, according to the left-wing students, homeless people live in People’s Park, and even though more than half of the park’s “greenspace” will remain untouched, leaving plenty of room for the homeless and their house guests, the students believe the park should be treated like homeless people’s “home.”

Of course, there’s nothing particularly strange about a group of left-wing Berkeley students creating “rights” such as these out of thin air, it’s basically their thing.

But what was strange about this protest over “housing rights” was the fact that the students were protesting UC-Berkeley’s construction of low-income housing for 1,100 students and 125 homeless people.

The school was literally implementing the exact left-wing policies the radical Left is always pushing, yet it wasn’t good enough because this group of students have decided that it’s no longer enough.

Once again, the left-wing outrage mob is moving the goalposts.

But wait, there’s more . . .

On top of the radical left-wing students waking up and choosing to eat their own, they also didn’t even bother to do it peacefully.

No, the increasingly militant radical left-wing outrage mob chose violence to get their point across.

According to the Associated Press, the left-wing mob tore down an eight-foot tall barrier erected around the site, and proceeded to throw “rocks, bottles, and glass” at construction workers just trying to make a paycheck.

“UC Berkeley police said in a statement that protesters threw rocks, bottles, and glass at crews working at the park, which is considered aggravated assault,” the AP reported. “The department didn’t say if anyone was arrested.”

And that all led to UC-Berkeley, the social justice factory that churns out these mindless, deranged, left-wing minions like they’re the newest iPhone, caving into the pressure in the name of “safety” – aka to stop the left-wing radicals from assaulting innocent people.

“All construction personnel were withdrawn out of concern for their safety,” UC-Berkeley’s assistant vice chancellor Dan Mogulof said in a statement to NBC News. “The campus will, in the days ahead, assess the situation in order to determine how best to proceed with construction of this urgently needed student housing project.”

It’s important to note here, the student housing situation at UC-Berkeley is so bad – due to the fact that it’s in a left-wing city where rent prices have skyrocketed making it completely unaffordable for anyone other than leftist elites – some students are reportedly sleeping in cars.

But none of that, or the fact that 125 homeless people would be rescued off the streets, matters to the left-wing outrage mob.

They have to constantly find their next major enemy or injustice to rail against.

And all the while, all they are is a snake eating its own tail.

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