These radical Democrats care more about themselves than their country

At this point, the far-left has made it clear that violence and intimidation are a central part of their playbook.

And after several instances of far-left terrorism, Congress is being asked to simply provide more security to the homes of Supreme Court Justices.

But these radical Democrats care more about themselves than their country.

The Left’s history of political violence

But this faction of radical Democrats have proven that they care way more about themselves than the country they swore to serve. 

When it comes to most Democrats, terrorism and violence is a widely accepted part of their plan to transform America into a socialist country. 

Just look at the violent protests and riots that consumed nearly every single city in America back in 2020.

Whenever the Left wants immediate change, chaos ensues. 

The most recent examples can be seen at the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices in recent days.

Following a leak that indicated the Supreme Court appeared poised to strike down Roe v. Wade, the Left completely lost their marbles.

The unhinged Left is wreaking havoc on America’s judicial processes

Overnight, violent protests formed all across the nation, and most concerningly, outside of the homes of Supreme Court Justices. 

These protests are illegal under federal law, as they are intended to intimidate these justices.

However this has not stopped the radical Left, who have been witnessed conducting these illegal protests on a daily basis.

To make matters worse, one radicalized far-left terrorist even tried to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh due to his apparent support for overturning Roe v. Wade

However, this does not seem to bother the Left in America, who essentially brushed that assassination attempt under the rug.

By looking at the so-called “mainstream” media coverage, one would have never been able to figure out that such an assassination attempt even happened.

Instead, the Fake News Media is far more concerned with trying to go after Trump over January 6.

Democrat members of Congress voted to ignore acts of terror

Fortunately, Congress was compelled to take action following the attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Recently, the House passed a bill that would increase security protections for top government officials, including Supreme Court Justices. 

However, not everyone in Congress was willing to sign off on this commonsense act of Congress.

In the end, the bill passed 396-27.  

This is about as close to unanimous as it gets in Congress these days.

But it is interesting that the 27 people who voted nay are all radical Democrats.

To them, intimidating SCOTUS Justices is obviously acceptable. 

Even worse, many of these same nay votes including Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington state and Rep. Veronica Escobar of Texas voted yea on increased security measures that protected the Capitol building.

This vote proves that these far-left Members of Congress don’t give a rip about protecting government institutions, but rather they are most interested in protecting themselves. 

These Members of Congress took an oath to protect this country and the Constitution, and it is about time they started taking that oath seriously.

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