These Republican Senators voted with Chuck Schumer on this radical proposal

Social conservatism is dead in the Republican Party.

It’ll soon be open season on Christians nationwide.

That’s because these Republican Senators abandoned their base to vote with Chuck Schumer on this radical proposal.

Twelve Republicans vote for same-sex “marriage” bill with no religious freedom protections

Just weeks removed from a disappointing general election, Republican Senators couldn’t wait to cave to Chuck Schumer to give him and Joe Biden yet another political victory.

Republican Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Rob Portman (Ohio), Thom Tillis (N.C.), Mitt Romney (Utah), Roy Blunt (Mo.), Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.), Richard Burr (N.C.), Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.), Dan Sullivan (Alaska), Joni Ernst (Iowa) and Todd Young (Ind.) all voted with Democrats for the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act.”

This act enshrines federal protections for same-sex “marriages” and could even open the door for protections for other perverted forms of marriage that are present in our culture and will be soon be protected by law if radical leftist Democrats have their way.

These Senate Republicans could have sat on it and denied Chuck Schumer the 60 votes needed to advance the bill, killing it for this session and allowing the issue to die once Republicans take control of the House in January.

But no, they were more interested in placating the leftist mob and the so-called “mainstream” media.

Looking at the list of Republican Senators voting for this nonsense, it’s simply incredible how many deep red state Republicans voted for it.

Sadly, an amendment offered by Senator Mike Lee that would have actually protected religious liberty was defeated.

A Collins/Baldwin amendment purporting to protect religious liberty was adopted, which paved the way for the Republican cave, but clearly that amendment didn’t go nearly far enough to assuage the concerns for Sen. Lee or any actual social conservatives.

Social conservatives must hold them accountable

This is the second time this year that Republicans have just abandoned the field on important social policy issues.

In the wake of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Republicans turtled on the abortion issue and paid a political price for it.

Now they’ve done the same thing on marriage, yet they’ll still expect social conservatives to show up to support them every two years.

It’s long past time for social conservatives to say enough is enough and get off the Team Republican bus.

For far too long Republicans have used and abused social conservatives to get into power, just to throw them table scraps once they are actually in a position to do something to protect traditional values.

Social conservatives should certainly not support Democrats, but it’s simply not enough to go vote Republican.

Make them pay for their betrayal by either working to defeat them in primary or just don’t show up for them in the general election.

Want to help stop the leftward slide of the Republican Party? 

Punish them politically for compromising.

If you give a misbehaving child a cookie, you can expect more bad behavior. 

Same is true for Republican politicians. 

If you continue to vote for them after they vote to violate your religious liberties or traditional values, they’ll just keep doing it.

Tyranny at the hands of Republicans is no better than tyranny at the hands of Democrats.

We’re in a fight for the soul of our nation. 

The radical Left is playing for keeps. 

And it is time social conservatives do the same.

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