These two Senate races prove Democrats’ pro-crime policies are backfiring

With the U.S. economy in the toilet, it’s no surprise that crime is skyrocketing across the country from major cities to small towns.

Yet most Democrats continue to believe that their pro-crime policies will somehow win them votes during the upcoming elections.

And two key Senate races are proving that this mentality will backfire, as the GOP candidates start to see their numbers rise in the polls.

Wisconsin and Pennsylvania polls leaning toward Republicans

With about a month to go until the Midterms, it looks like GOP candidates in two major Senate races are seeing their poll numbers improve.

Recent callouts from the GOP are showing that two liberal candidates in key states Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are much too soft on crime. 

Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin informed the public that his Democrat opponent Mandela Barnes is “dangerously liberal on crime.”

The GOP as a whole has also called out Barnes, informing members that Barnes has called for emptying prisons at least nine separate times.

Meanwhile, Democrats are accusing Republicans of sensationalizing Barnes’ stance, as well as the stance of Pennsylvania candidate John Fetterman.

Fetterman is chairman of the PA Board of Pardons, which makes recommendations to the Governor about commuting prisoner’s sentences.

While Fetterman has been in the position, the board has already recommended 50 commutations for prisoners facing life sentences. 

According to Fetterman, the justice system is too strict and too “vindictive,” and he feels he’s giving a second chance to people who deserve it.

If you ask the victims and the families of the victims of these prisoners how they feel, they’d certainly disagree with that assessment.

Fetterman’s opponent, Mehmet Oz, has said Fetterman is “the most pro-murderer candidate in America.”

That’s certainly not a title most people running for Senate would want to be attached to.

The proof is in the numbers

As the opponents of Barnes and Fetterman continue to run ads and talk to interviewers about their pro-crime agendas, the real proof is in the recent polling numbers.

In mid-September, Barnes had a 5-point lead against Johnson, but now, Johnson leads him by 3 points.

And while Fetterman continues to hold his lead in Pennsylvania, it’s been cut in half, going from 8 points to 4 points since the summer.

Not only do these numbers prove that the Republican candidates are making headway, but they also prove that most voters don’t want someone in office who is slack on violent crime.

It’s clear that the Republicans’ strategy is working, as Barnes has lashed out at the Johnson campaign, accusing him of spreading “lies” about his record.

The Left’s “Defund the Police” nonsense is also backfiring in a major way.

FBI data shows that murder rates rose nationally by a shocking 30 percent between 2019 and 2020 and by an additional 4 percent in 2021.

This isn’t a good look for far-left candidates who continue to think that the police aren’t important and that violent criminals should be given a “second chance.”

All of this is just more proof that championing pro-crime policies won’t get you anywhere when it comes to winning votes from your constituents.

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