This 90’s star is trying to stay relevant by calling for a ban on red states

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Elitists in Hollywood have always thumbed their noses at middle America. 

But the disdain for rural America has now moved to on screen. 

And now this 90’s star is trying to stay relevant by calling for a ban on red states. 

The rise and fall of a sitcom star

In 1977, Fran Drescher started her career by playing a floozy trying to pick up John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

Her acting career survived on small roles – perhaps most notably was her role in This Is Spinal Tap – until she hit it big in 1993. 

Drescher was previously married to television writer/director/producer Peter Marc Jacobson. 

Jacobson created the show, The Nanny, and cast his wife as the lead. 

The show was a hit for CBS and aired from 1993 to 1999 – the same year her and Jacobson divorced. 

During that time, Drescher tried to move from the Silver Screen to the Big Screen. 

In Francis Ford Coppola’s movie, Jack, Drescher tries to take Robin Williams – who was playing an elementary school student – home to bed. 

And in Beautician and the Beast, she basically reprises her role in a story that’s eerily similar to that of her sitcom. 

Since The Nanny went off the air, work has been hard to come by for Drescher. 

She’s mostly remembered for her nails-on-a-chalk-board voice and a laugh that makes one want to tell Vice President Kamala Harris a joke. 

The Nanny wants to ground red states

But at this year’s Screen Actors Guild awards, Drescher made a desperate attempt to regain the relevance she’s craved for decades.

And it came, as it often does with Hollywood elitists, at the expense of regular Americans living in middle America. 

As President of the SAG, the 65-year-old actress used the annual award show to suggest in her speech to the audience that the industry boycott red states. 


She doesn’t like the supposed lack of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” or the lack of bans on plastic straws and bags in the states that voted for former President Donald Trump. 

“Our industry brings billions of production dollars to states across the nation,” Drescher said. “But if they want our business, let’s wield our financial influence to make Governors act in the best interest of freedom, diversity, inclusion, and democracy. As my character Bobbi Flekman said in This Is Spinal Tap, ‘Money talks and bullshi* walks!’”

Drescher didn’t outline exactly which states she would like to see banned by the movie and television industry. 

She went on to add that she was proud that SAG has now launched a “Green Council.” 

And Drescher went out of her way to thank the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for allowing stars to hide their age and switch out their genders on their profile pages.

Who has the more annoying laugh?