This angry mother just gave Black Lives Matter rioters a piece of her mind

In 2020, the violent Marxist organization known as Black Lives Matter tore this nation apart both literally and figuratively. 

Two years later, Americans are becoming fed up with underfunded police departments as crime surges, yet BLM is still trying to beat the drum to defund the police. 

But this angry mother just put Black Lives Matter rioters in their place by giving them a piece of her mind at a protest event. 

Black Lives Matter is destroying every aspect of life in America

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, the extreme left-wing group known as Black Lives Matter saw a resurgence. 

Left-wing activists, rioters, and looters banded together to tear this country down from the bottom up. 

Churches were burned, memorials (including those of Lincoln and union soldiers) were torn down – most concerning, police budgets were slashed and criminal justice systems were upended. 

Most major cities adopted a pro-crime stance in which violent repeat offenders were shielded from legal punishment, and unsurprisingly these career criminals went right back to terrorizing their communities. 

Two years later it is very obvious that Black Lives Matter has made this nation a much less safe place, and more black lives are dying than ever before due to the violence Black lives Matter has provoked. 

Despite these failures to create positive change in the black community, along with several embezzlement scandals from their executive leadership, Black Lives Matter rages on. 

The next woke crusade and why you should always wait before drawing conclusions

Two years after the riots of 2020, Black Lives Matter is at it again.

This time, these alleged “activists” are furious over the death of Tekle Sundberg. 

According to Black Lives Matter, Sundberg was a model citizen who was gunned down by cops for no apparent reason. 

As you can probably imagine, the truth is very far from this notion Black Lives Matter has popularized. 

According to police, Sundberg was armed and dangerous in his own home from which he was shooting into other apartments, putting many lives at risk.  

Eventually, Sundberg was shot by police after failing to cooperate. 

One of those people was Arabella Yarbrough who is the mother of two small children. 

Yarbrough and her two small children were nearly slaughtered by this thug but were able to escape to safety thanks to the help of the police. 

Yarbrough claimed that this was not unusual behavior for Sundberg, who regularly blared loud music and even threatened and stalked her. 

Naturally, Black Lives Matter is refusing to look at the facts and are making him their next martyr, but not if Yarbrough has anything to say about it. 

At a riot the other day, Yarbrough confronted these extremists to set the record straight. 

As you can see from the video, Yarbrough makes it very clear that this was no unarmed black man, but rather a dangerous and unhinged thug. 

This is exactly why it is important to collect all of the facts before drawing conclusions on high-profile cases such as this one. 

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