This Biden official won’t show his face in public after this Fox News host obliterated him

The Biden regime and their radical Left lackeys are on a mission to completely warp reality and every fact to ensure they’re always right and conservatives are always wrong.

They’ve totally thrown science, morals, basic economics, rights, justice, and everything else imaginable upside down.

But despite it all, this Biden official won’t be showing his face in public anytime soon after this Fox News host absolutely obliterated him with nothing but facts.

Martha MacCallum isn’t messing around, apparently

After Wednesday’s Consumer Price Index was released showing the skyrocketing inflation rate and essentially remained the same month-over-month, the Biden regime did a victory lap.

Biden and his left-wing henchmen claimed that inflation simply didn’t exist anymore.

“Today, we received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July,” President Biden told the nation, which was repeated by every corporate-controlled “news” outlet in America.

Nevermind the fact that inflation is still at an astronomical level, over 8.5% for most goods, and over 13% for food after a 1% increase in food price inflation in July.

But sure – since the economy had a stagnant month, rather than the hyperinflation that has marked a large portion of Joe Biden’s Presidency – let’s pretend inflation vanished overnight.

And that’s exactly what the entire Left has decided to do, as they follow in the steps of Biden officials like Biden senior adviser Gene Sperling, who attempted to spew such nonsense on Fox News recently.

The only problem for ole Gene, though, was that Fox News host Martha MacCallum wasn’t in the mood to be lied to.

The host began by informing Sperling that, despite White House claims, inflation is still sky-high, and then asked whether inflation had peaked and would now be declining, while pointing out that the Biden regime and Democrats had constantly called inflation “transitory” in the beginning.

Sperling responded by pretending that “literally everybody was projecting that prices were going to go down significantly” last year.

And that’s when MacCallum had already had enough.

“No, not everybody,” MacCallum shot back. “I’m just asking you to own it, you know, just say ‘here’s what I think, I’ve been dealing with this for years and years.’”

Of course, he wouldn’t do that, as he squirmed around and mumbled about believing inflation would go down year-over-year, but cautioned that he can’t make “guarantees.”

But wait, there’s more

Obviously frustrated by the fact that Democrats continue to lie and then refuse to answer any questions about said lies other than to claim they’re right and everyone else is wrong, the Fox News host then moved to Democrats’ hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents.

New IRS agents, mind you, whose official job description from the federal government literally says they have to be ok carrying a firearm and using “deadly force” whenever necessary – but hey, they’re totally not coming after you.

You can trust leftists like Gene Sperling, right?

Because according to Sperling and the rest of the Left, this ramp up in IRS enforcement is needed because “spending cuts” – are those even legal anymore? – have caused the agency to “fall behind” with staffing and technology.

“How did that happen?” MacCallum asked sarcastically . “The cost of government goes up, and up, and up, every year. So why would we be so far behind the eight ball with this technology?”

To which Sperling replied by simply saying the American people just need to drop this – Democrats are only going after folks who make over $400,000 per year, they promise. 

Scouts’ honor.

“There is no question this is about greater enforcement in auditing of those who make well over $400,000,” Sperling claimed.

But get this – what Biden senior adviser Gene Sperling really took issue with was the notion that the federal government is growing in any way, shape, or form.

“You have your own TV show and you can offer that opinion, I think most experts—” Sperling told MacCallum.

“That government’s been growing?” she responded, obviously taken aback by the audacious lie. “That’s a fact.”

If this doesn’t prove how out-of-touch the entire Left is with not only the American people but reality, facts, common sense, and objective thinking, nothing will.

It is utterly detestable that the American people continue to allow Democrats to get away with these lies, much less their claims that everyone who doesn’t submit to their woke ideolody is a evil, racist, sexist, transphobic, fascist white supremacist, and potential Timothy McVeigh.

They have the right to their own opinion, but they do not have any right to their own facts.

At this point, November 8 must be a watershed moment.

If freedom and liberty are to survive here – the last, best hope for man on Earth – there’s simply no other option.

There’s nowhere else to go.

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