This big city’s whack job Mayor is calling for civility after cussing out Justice Clarence Thomas

In America, the political divide has never been so profound. 

Years of militant leftists shouting down any opposing viewpoint to their “woke” one true opinion has made political discourse virtually impossible. 

But this big city’s whack job Mayor just took things to a new level after calling for civility despite cussing out Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

The radical Left has made political discourse virtually impossible

Unlike ever before in American history, it is virtually impossible to have an honest conversation with leftists about the issues America is facing. 

Anytime an opposing opinion is presented to them, they lose their fragile little minds. 

Instead of countering the opinion they disagree with, they often hurl vile insults in order to try and completely discredit that opinion. 

Admittedly, the Left has done this for many years, but now they are more vicious and obstinate than ever before. 

According to the radical Left, if you are not a perfect communist then you must either be a sexist, racist, transphobe, or fat-phobe, or all of the above. 

Things have gotten so bad that the Left is beginning to consume itself, much like a snake eating its own tail. 

The Left’s brutal attacks on Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court

One particular institution that has received the brunt of the Left’s anger and hatred is the Supreme Court. 

In recent weeks, the court has made some groundbreaking rulings such as dialing back the power of the EPA and the overturning of Roe v. Wade

Naturally, the Left has gone absolutely ballistic and have responded like total animals. 

Churches and pregnancy crisis centers have been bombed and attacked, and the lives of Supreme Court Justices have been threatened. 

But conservative Justice Clarence Thomas has received the lion’s share of these insults. 

In fact, even high-profile politicians have taken part in the smear campaign against this esteemed Supreme Court Justice. 

Following the landmark Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot exclaimed, “F*ck Clarence Thomas!”

Not only is that vile, but it is very out of line for a high-profile politician to use such language publicly like that. 

It is a disgrace to America and the city of Chicago. 

But just days later, Lightfoot hypocritically said “The toxicity in our public disc focus on what brings us together and not what tears us apart is a thing that we should all be concerned about,” before adding, “(Americans) need to focus on what brings us together and not what tears us apart.”

Perhaps she should have considered those words before she disgracefully cussed out a sitting Supreme Court Justice in public. 

The reason why the Left has become so barbaric

At this point, it is clear why the Left has become so barbaric in recent years. 

Part of it stems from their detachment from traditional, Christian values which have been replaced by popular culture and “wokeism.”

On top of that, many on the Left realize that the public is getting fed up with their lies and disgraceful actions so they are becoming more and more defensive. 

These factors have created a political party more extreme and hostile than America has seen in a very long time, if ever. 

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