This bombshell audio tape will force Joe Biden to resign

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The investigations into Joe Biden’s corruption are about to reach a crescendo.

Republicans may be sitting on the smoking gun they need to finally hold Joe Biden accountable.

And this bombshell audio tape will force Joe Biden to resign.

Despite testimony from associates that Joe Biden spoke on speakerphone 20 times during his son Hunter’s business meetings, 5,400 emails showing he used a fake name to email government information about Ukraine to Hunter, $20 million in money from foreign oligarchs flowing into the bank accounts of his family members and their business partners, and an FBI form FD-1023 containing allegations that the founder of Burisma paid then-Vice President Joe Bidne a $5 million bribe to leverage the powers of his office to force the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor giving Burisma trouble, the media claims Republicans have still not produced any evidence that Joe Biden committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

As House Speaker Kevin McCarthy keeps pushing closer to opening an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, his defenders in the media keep moving the goalposts on what constitutes an impeachable offense.

The current position from the media is essentially that unless  Republicans can produce video evidence of Joe Biden entering a bank and personally cashing a check from Burisma, then the investigations have not met the standard of impeachment.

But that could all be changing very soon.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly claims that an audio tape will go public in the next few weeks with contents so damning that Biden will have no choice but to drop out of the 2024 Presidential race once the American people hear what he got caught saying.

“I am told by people in the know that there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public,” Kelly told viewers. “He will not be able to remain a candidate for the Presidency for reelection. It will be over and done with. They’re worried about it right now at the White House.” 

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