This California man just slid a homeless person some cash to do the unthinkable

Moise Nicu, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If a person is homeless, there is a good chance they’ll take cash from just about anyone.

And in states like California, there’s certainly no shortage of homeless people to be found.

And this California man just slid a homeless person some cash to do the unthinkable.

California grandfather pays homeless woman to “babysit” his grandchild

Jason Warren, 54, was arrested after allegedly paying a homeless woman $20 to watch his seven-year-old granddaughter.

Even worse, Warren paid the homeless woman to keep an eye on the child so he could go get drunk at a bar.

Warren then flagged strangers down for help and claimed that his granddaughter had been kidnapped for human trafficking.

The incident prompted a witness to contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, who found him “highly intoxicated.”

He told the police he gave an unknown homeless woman $20 to go to a thrift store with the child a few hours earlier while he went to the bar.

Fortunately, the girl was found unharmed and police are calling the homeless woman, named Lauren Jope, a “guardian angel.”

Jope spoke to FOX40 and said that, “I was like, ‘Okay that’s a big thing, you don’t know who I am,’ but I knew that she would be safe with me.”

The Sheriff’s Office had deployed helicopters, drone units, and K9s to find the girl.

Jope returned to the parking lot after she heard announcements over the PA system about 30 minutes later.

She confirmed that Warren paid her $20 to go to the thrift store with the child, but said she didn’t think Warren was able to take care of his granddaughter because he was drunk.

Instead, Jope took the girl to her “camp” to get some food.

The young girl confirmed Jope’s account and was not in any distress and had no injuries.

Later, Warren was arrested and charged with felony child endangerment and was held on a $75,000 bond at the Sacramento County Main Jail.

Grandfather shows no remorse

What makes this story even worse is that when Warren was asked if he would do it again, he replied, “Yes, I would.”

He said, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Everything I did I told God about and I said, ‘It’s your will God, not my will. Let your will be done.’”

The child’s aunt has full custody of the seven-year-old, but she asked Warren to watch her that particular day because she had to go to work.

Even though he didn’t know the homeless woman, Warren told FOX40 that he was confident she could take care of his granddaughter.

“She was about 28 to 30 years old. I knew, I could tell by her character that she seemed like a decent person. I trusted her like I would trust my sister or my cousin,” he said while speaking to the news outlet from jail.

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