This Clinton pollster fired off a stark warning to Kathy Hochul after he made this shocking accusation

Democrats have actively pushed to let criminals out of jail.

They don’t care if these criminals are still a threat or not.

And this Clinton pollster fired off a stark warning to Kathy Hochul after he made this shocking accusation.

You know a red wave is coming when people are talking about a Democrat defeat in Deep Blue New York.

And that is exactly what is happening as Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) has pulled even with unelected Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul.

This is a race being watched closely by political observers to see if the GOP’s red wave is going to turn into a massive red tsunami.

Crime is the number one issue

And at least one pollster believes Democrats may well lose the Governor’s race over one key issue.

New York City’s out-of-control violent crime rate is now center stage in the closely watched gubernatorial race between incumbent Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin.

And former Clinton pollster Mark Penn says the tragic killing of a young mother is being blamed on Hochul’s soft-on-crime policies and could be what puts Zeldin in the Governor’s mansion.

Penn was referring to the tragic case of Keaira Bennefield, a 30-year-old mother of three who was fatally shot right in front of her children on October 5. 

Her violent murder occurred less than 24 hours after her estranged husband was released from custody without bail for allegedly beating her.

Adam Bennefield, 45, allegedly rammed his car into his estranged wife’s automobile while she was taking her three children to school. 

All three children, who range from ages 6 months to 9 years, were in the car when Bennefield then allegedly walked up to the driver’s side of her car and shot her execution-style. 

“Crime is the number one issue in New York State, and this horrific murder, in which someone beats her first and is let out on the street, this could be the incident close enough to the election, clear enough in its relation to the bail laws . . . wow, this could really be it,” Penn told America’s Newsroom hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino. 

Hochul should be charged with murder

Keaira Bennefield had begged and pleaded for police to help her in the weeks leading up to her death, according to the New York Post

Adam Bennefield not only had allegedly beaten and abused Keaira, but he also has a previous conviction for kidnapping another woman at gunpoint. 

Clearly this is a violent man who should not be on the streets.

Yet Governor Hochul’s pro-crime policies, including no bail release of violent criminals, allowed him to roam free with murder in mind.

“She should be charged for the crime. She’s also responsible for the crime,” Keaira Bennefield’s mother Tammy Hudson told the New York Post speaking of Hochul. 

And Penn said, “We’re seeing here that the policies that led to crime in the ’90s are being repeated now, and I think they’re even more extreme. The truth of the matter is, New Yorkers don’t support these policies.”

The pollster said Zeldin has run a “smart campaign” by focusing on crime while Hochul continues to try and ignore the issue until after the election.

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