This CNN exec just slammed Brian Stelter and now he’s gone. Who’s next?

CNN has a new executive and he’s making major changes to the lineup.

TV executive Chris Licht and his team just decided that Brian Stelter no longer has a job at the network.

Insiders at CNN have known that Stelter wouldn’t last and now it appears huge changes are underway for the cable news channel.

Cleaning house at CNN

CNN has a new President, and he’s cleaning house to rid the left-wing anti-Trump network of its insane bias.

Chris Licht has repeatedly said that CNN is contributing to the loss of trust in the corporate-controlled media by viewers.

Brian Stelter’s hilariously misnamed show Reliable Sources has long been a prime example of just how biased the network has been for years.

Stelter constantly slammed Trump and his supporters, and his ultra-left-leaning views were clearly doing more harm than good to the network.

With new blood at the helm, Licht finally made the decision to give Stelter the ax.

The executive spent the entire summer reviewing all of the talent at CNN, and it’s clear that he knew Stelter had to go for some time.

Former CNN exec Jeff Zucker hand-picked Brian Stelter to join the team, but now, Licht reversed that decision by firing him.

It’s no secret that Licht is ready to take CNN in a more neutral and less far-left direction.

So, who’s next to go at CNN?

This massive shakeup is leaving many media members scratching their heads about who might be the next one to be fired at CNN.

CNN just completed a merger with Warner Bros. Discovery, which means that more of its talking heads could be shown the door.

Media exec John Malone has also stated that CNN needs to go back to doing honest, nonpartisan journalism.

After the statement, Stelter accused Malone of not actually watching CNN, which didn’t help his chances of keeping his job.

So, who will be next on the chopping block at CNN?

It’s possible that even more super-leftwing figures like Don Lemon or Jim Acosta could be fired in the near future.

Media analysts acknowledge that removing Stelter won’t be enough to return CNN to the center. 

An Axios media reporter called out Jim Acosta as one of the major players in CNN’s far-left and confrontational anti-Trump shift over the past few years back in June.

Since the airing of Acosta’s new weekend show, he’s had free rein to express his opinions and push the left-wing narrative.

Recently, Don Lemon denied that Licht was aiming to push CNN back to a more neutral, moderate-leaning news agency.

But it’s clear that this new executive isn’t just planning to make changes – he’s also carrying through with them.

Licht’s goal is to ensure that the people working for CNN are “advocates for the truth.”

With so many highly opinionated journalists on the team that can’t help but make a mockery of Republicans, it’s highly likely that people like Lemon and Acosta might be next.

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