This conservative movie star just hilariously trolled his woke critics

Hollywood is a cesspool of self-righteous woke politics.

If you’ve seen a movie lately then you know exactly how bad it is. 

But not everybody in Hollywood is crazy and this conservative movie star just hilariously trolled his woke critics. 

Hollywood has become the capital of woke, identity politics

At one time, many years ago, Hollywood was a booming hub for the entertainment industry where ideas and differing concepts created a flourishing ideological environment. 

Nowadays, the exact opposite is true.  

Decades of far-left politics have turned Hollywood into a swamp of liberalism, not to mention all of the homeless bums and heroin addicts. 

There is nothing magical or even interesting about Hollywood anymore, as the entire entertainment industry has been brought down by the radical Left. 

To make matters worse, celebrities seem to be in a competition to out-woke each other, usually for their own selfish, self-righteous reasons. 

These elitists often fly private jets, waste copious amounts of food and water, and profit off of cheap labor while preaching to society about how horrible these things are. 

Nothing is more nauseating than hearing some rich celebrity preach to people they deem to be lesser than themselves about issues they barely understand. 

Fortunately, not everyone in Hollywood are brain dead sheep with boob jobs and face-lifts. 

There are still a handful of actors who care about America and the people who live outside of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. 

Hollywood needs more people who think like most Americans do

One such celebrity is Chris Pratt, who has turned heads over the years with his conservative politics and strong Christian faith. 

This of course infuriates the radical Left, who is notoriously intolerant to anybody who does not agree with their warped worldview. 

But this time, it is Chris Pratt who had the last laugh. 

After his most recent television show, The Terminal List, was given a horrible rating by the woke critics at Rotten Tomatoes, Chris Pratt took to social media to point something very interesting out. 

As it turns out, fans gave the show an impeccable 94% rating, and according to Nielsen, the show was streamed for a total of 1.6 billion minutes. 

Even better, he hilariously put that figure alongside a picture of Doctor Evil from the hit movie series, Austin Powers

These figures prove that there is a massive disconnect between the woke elites of Hollywood and the actual people who are tuning into these programs. 

The good news is that America is quickly souring to Hollywood and its Ministry of Woke, which is proven by streaming services’ record low numbers in recent months. 

In fact, the only movie released in recent times that can be labeled a box office success is the new Top Gun movie, which featured themes completely antithetical to Hollywood’s elitist woke echo chamber. 

This movie appealed to viewers because it was pro-military, and pro-American and did not try to preach to people about how horrible they are. 

Hollywood should take notes and should stop greenlighting crap that people do not want to watch. 

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