This conservative musician may have discovered a new path to fame for anti-establishment voices

Screenshot via Youtube, FiveTimesAugust

The entertainment industry has turned its back on America’s bedrock principles.

They push the Left’s ideological agenda on the public and shut down anyone who speaks out in opposition.

But this conservative musician may have discovered a new path to fame for anti-establishment voices.

Five Times August: Years of cancellation are over

Five Times August has made a splash in alternative entertainment with hit songs like Jesus…What Happened to Us?, Silent War, and I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly. The singer and songwriter has targeted the establishment for trying to bring fascism to our country.

Brad Skistimas, the man behind the conservative group, has pushed back on woke indoctrination like LGBTQ philosophy and Critical Race Theory. This led to him facing cancellation online by major record labels and consumer streaming websites.

Now Skistimas is charting a new path to success that he hopes will help other musical artists stand up as well. He said that a new deal with Nashville-based Baste Records and a partnership with former drummer of The Offspring “marks an exciting new chapter” in his musical career.

Baste Records shared the announcement about the song Ain’t No Rock and Roll on social media last week.

CEO of Baste Records is “honored to support and amplify” music written by Skistimas

“We are thrilled to welcome Five Times August to the Baste Records family,” the CEO of Baste Records, Matthew Azriele, told The Post Millennial following the announcement.  He added that “Brad Skistimas has a unique ability to craft music that resonates deeply with listeners.”

He said that the production company is “honored to support and amplify” Skistimas and his “artistic vision.” Azriele went on to say that the label believes “this partnership will lead to extraordinary musical experiences and open up new horizons for Five Times August.”

Baste Records said they are a “platform for conservative musicians and artists to reach a wider audience and share their beliefs and values through their music.” They will champion Skistimas and his special “ability to capture raw emotions singing about modern day issues.”

Skistimas thanked Baste Records for giving him a chance to grow his fame from Nashville.

Five Times August is joining a label that offers a strong alternative to “liberal” entertainment

Baste Records was founded in response to cultural decay in the music space and hopes to make a new positive change in the industry. They said they are a strong alternative to the “mainstream music industry, [which] is often dominated by liberal or progressive values.”

Five Times August is “grateful for the opportunity to work with Baste Records” on their upcoming single. Skistimas said “their reputation for excellence and commitment to nurturing artists aligns perfectly with [his] artistic goals.”

He said he “can’t wait” to share his “new music with the world and embark on this exciting journey with Baste Records.” Skistimas will undoubtedly continue to release disruptive content that grabs the attention of people who are tired of the narrative baked into every other song in the industry.

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