This court case just revealed an unthinkable link between Joe Biden and Hamas

Vice President Joe Biden addresses National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington, April 9, 2015. Biden spoke at NDU about U.S. military successes defeating ISIS. (DoD News photo by EJ Hersom) Public Domain via Picryl

Hamas launched a deadly and barbaric terrorist attack on Israel.

Joe Biden has a lot of explaining to do on many fronts.

And this court case just revealed an unthinkable link between Joe Biden and Hamas.

America First Legal sued the Biden administration for restarting payments to the Palestinian Authority despite the fact that Biden knew the Palestinian government would use the money to fund terrorist attacks in Israel under the “Pay to Slay” program.

Under Pay to Slay, the Palestinian Authority rewards terrorists and/or their families with increased rewards in proportion to the casualties inflicted. Terrorists who are married, or have children, or are Israeli residents/citizens receive an additional payment. Terrorists who spend more than five years (in a single term or cumulatively) in prison are paid a guaranteed salary by the Palestinian Authority for the rest of their lives. Every terrorist, regardless of their affiliations or the identity of their victims, is paid by the Palestinian Authority. This includes members of designated terror organizations, such as Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who kill U.S. citizens,” the lawsuit read.

Donald Trump froze $200 million in payments to the Palestinian Authority to prevent the government from paying the families of suicide bombers who launched murderous attacks against Israel.

Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk allowed the lawsuit to proceed, ruling that recent documents showing that the administration knew the funds would end up in the hands of terrorists as well as Hamas jihadists murdering 14 Americans in the most recent attack on Israel were justification enough to go forward.

Kacsmaryk wrote that “recent production of records shows that the Government knew its economic support fund (ESF) funding in the West Bank and Gaza was benefiting Palestinian terrorists, thereby ‘increasing the risk of terrorist attacks against the Plaintiffs and others similarly situated.’ They say that the Government’s ‘admission that its activities in the West Bank and Gaza benefit Hamas suggests, with reasonable particularity, the possible existence of other facts, currently hidden, establishing traceability.’ These reasons, in concert with Hamas’ recent attack on Israel that killed fourteen Americans and resulted in others being held hostage, provide a sufficient basis for Plaintiff’s Request.” 

Biden is also facing criticism for funding Hamas by relaxing sanctions on Iran, specifically the decision this summer to allow Iran to access $6 billion, which allowed them to spend money earmarked for other purposes on allegedly funding Hamas.

And this latest lawsuit could prove in court that the Biden administration knowingly turned over taxpayer money to the Palestinian Authority to use for terrorist attacks inside Israel.

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