This Democrat Congressman just created the Left’s most ridiculous Donald Trump conspiracy theory yet

Democrats have long pretended as though any opposition to their stranglehold on power is fueled by so-called “conspiracy theories.”

Yet they continue to rely almost exclusively on distortions of reality and outright propaganda to force their radical left-wing agenda on the nation.

And now this Democrat Congressman just created the Left’s most ridiculous Donald Trump conspiracy theory yet.

No one can actually believe this

Earlier this week, House Republicans held their internal leadership elections, tapping House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to retain his position at the top of the House GOP hierarchy despite the disastrous results of the Midterms.

Regardless, the fact that Rep. McCarthy has been selected by House Republicans as their “leader” does not necessarily mean he will become Speaker of the House.

In fact, Members of Congress will not vote on the next Speaker until the new Congress convenes in the new year, leaving plenty of time for things to change dramatically.

As a result, Democrats are hoping to utilize Republicans’ Midterm frustrations to drive a wedge between the Republican establishment and conservatives in the hopes that the GOP’s slim majority would allow the Left to install a Democrat as Speaker.

And one of Democrats’ most ridiculous conspiracy theories yet was floated by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) during a recent appearance on CBS News’ Face The Nation.

According to Rep. Raskin, because the Constitution does not require the Speaker of the House to be a Member of Congress, Republicans have supposedly discussed installing former President Donald Trump in the position “repeatedly.”

“It’s a real problem for Kevin McCarthy now because there are certain pro-Trumpists within his House caucus who refuse to accept that he’s really with Trump, and they want to get rid of McCarthy,” Raskin claimed.

“We know that the hard-right Freedom Caucus people are in search of another candidate,” he continued. “And one potential candidate whose name has been floated is Donald Trump himself because the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of the House. And they are talking about putting Trump right there.”

It doesn’t even add up

Anyone with a functioning brain and just a shred of common sense would be able to hear Rep. Raskin’s claim and easily arrive at the conclusion that it’s total nonsense.

As a matter of fact, Raskin attempted to prove his claim by suggesting that Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was one of the Republicans pushing to install Trump as Speaker, even though it’s been known for some time now that the Congressman is mounting his own challenge for Speaker.

Put simply, none of Rep. Jamie Raskin’s left-wing conspiracy theory adds up.

But rather than provide any sort of pushback against the ridiculous claim – or even ask a follow up question – CBS News chose to push the clip to millions of people on social media, while also claiming 155 “election deniers” would be seated in the new Congress. 

Not a single Republican has even mentioned the idea of possibly making Donald Trump the next Speaker of the House.

And while it would likely be rather funny to watch Democrats and their lapdog allies in the corporate-controlled media meltdown over it, it obviously wouldn’t be Republicans’ best strategy moving forward.

After Trump-endorsed candidates underperformed in the Midterms, Democrats believe they can simply continue tying every Republican to Trump, continue winning elections – even narrowly – and be able to push most of their radical agenda on the American people.

So even though many Republicans would love to see someone other than Rep. Kevin McCarthy as the next Speaker of the House, it won’t be – and shouldn’t be – Donald Trump.

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