This Democrat prosecutor’s guilty verdict will stop you cold in your tracks


The weaponization of government by the Democrats is a long-running problem in America.

A bombshell in this story just dropped.

And this Democrat prosecutor’s guilty verdict will stop you cold in your tracks.

Former Baltimore City State Attorney Marilyn Mosby pled guilty to perjury charges for lying on a loan application to withdraw money from a retirement account to purchase vacation homes in Florida.

Mosby was one of the original left-wing prosecutors who deployed the justice system as a political tool of the Democrat Party.

Back in 2015, Mosby brought murder charges against six police officers after Freddy Grey died in their custody.

Mosby indicted the police officers after Black Lives Matter insurrectionists burned Baltimore to the ground in a precursor to the acts of terrorism that the organization carried out in the summer of 2020 following the death of George Floyd.

A jury thankfully acquitted the police officers on these nakedly political charges that Mosby only brought forward to appease a left-wing mob.

In 2021, Moby’s office demanded the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) revoke the license of the local Fox affiliate WBFF-TV after the station ran stories critical of her, including one story about attempting to purchase the vacation homes in Florida that led to her indictment.

“There appears to be an intentional crusade against State’s Attorney Mosby, which given today’s politically charged and divisive environment, is extremely dangerous,” Zy Richardson, Communications Director to acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, said.

“I have noted that the news coverage of the WBFF persistently follows a disconcerting and dangerous pattern: beginning with a slanted, rigged, misleading, or inflammatory headline; followed by a conspiracy theory; and supported with guest commentary from disgruntled ex-employees or political opponents that lend false credibility to their biased coverage or omission of facts,” Richardson continued.

Mosby lost her Primary election in 2022 after the winning candidate campaigned on a platform of reversing her policies of not enforcing quality of life laws and putting criminals in jail.

Marilyn Mosby rocketed into the national scene as a disgrace due to her weaponizing the government against police officers on behalf of her political allies in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now Mosby ended her career in disgrace after being found guilty of lying for financial gain.

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