This Democrat Senate candidate got caught red-handed schmoozing in all the wrong places at the wrong time

Democrats love to play fast-and-lose with the rules.

That’s because they know if they get caught they usually aren’t punished for it.

But this Democrat Senate candidate got caught red-handed schmoozing in all the wrong places at the wrong time.

Ohio Democrat Senate Candidate Tim Ryan votes by proxy to attend Hollywood fundraiser

Voting by proxy was a highly controversial proposal back in the height of the COVID pandemic, which Nancy Pelosi instituted in May 2020 as a way to allow members of Congress to vote on legislation while not being physically present in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Conservative lawmakers like Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky saw the potential for abuse and opposed it from the beginning, but the rule was implemented in the name of “science” to keep members of Congress and their staff “safe.”

But just recently, Ohio Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan used the proxy vote to skip town and attend a fundraiser with Hollywood elites for his U.S. Senate Campaign, but he lied on official letterhead claiming he was voting by proxy “due to the ongoing public health emergency.”

This is a clear and flagrant abuse of the proxy voting system that Tim Ryan is using to enrich himself and his campaign. 

And he’s making a mockery of our political system in the process.

“The pandemic is over”

It was just days ago that President Joe Biden declared the pandemic to be over, which it was politically expedient, to only have his staff walk back his statements yet again when it was politically expedient.

This is yet another example of Democrats “not letting a crisis go to waste” as Rahm Emanuel once remarked.

Democrats announce the pandemic is over when jobless numbers are going down and the economy is seemingly on the rebound but will then use pandemic as an excuse to skip out on their Constitutional duty so they can attend elite cocktail parties to hobnob with movie stars.

But we’re used to the hypocrisy of Democrats over the last two years.

Rules for thee, not for me

How many Democrat Governors were caught not wearing masks and attending dinner parties with crowds larger than their orders dictated for the peasant class?

Gavin Newson, Gretchen Whitmer, Gina Raimondo, just to name a few . . . 

Yet business owners who were just trying to keep their businesses from going under due to the government shutting the economy down were prosecuted and fined out of existence.

Sadly, it seems many Americans have forgotten about how these tyrants destroyed the economy and then claimed credit for rebuilding after the fact with Democrats like Gavin Newson and Gretchen Whitmer seemingly on their way to reelection.

If politicians don’t lose their jobs over their tyrannical rule and blatant hypocrisy this fall, Americans better get ready for another way of lockdowns if there’s even a whisper of another COVID wave this winter.

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