This Democrat U.S. Senator is trying to find a place to hide after the truth bomb dropped in one new ad

A few weeks ago, Chuck Schumer was feeling pretty good about his chances at remaining Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate for at least the next two years. 

However, the senior senator from New York is now getting nervous. 

And this Democrat U.S. Senator is trying to find a place to hide after the truth bomb dropped in one new ad.

This election cycle, the narrative from the Fake News Media has been – Republicans are putting up “extreme MAGA” candidates versus the “mainstream moderates” nominated by Democrats in the primaries. 

It’s nothing new, this has been part of the left-wing playbook for decades now. 

But now, President Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are getting nervous as they realize fewer and fewer Americans are believing the false narrative. 

In Arizona, incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Kelly has ridden a centrist façade to personal popularity with his constituents. 

However, the Donald Trump-endorsed Blake Masters has been successfully lifting the mask Kelly wears around voters. 

Supporters of Masters are out with a new ad, in the final runup to election day, exposing Kelly for betraying Arizonans on the one issue that impacts their lives, perhaps, more than any other. 

“The Biden Democrats created the worst border crisis in American history, and they’re lying through their teeth about it,” states a narrator at the top of the commercial. 

From there, the 30-second ad plays a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris trying to convince voters that the U.S. southern border is “secure.” 

“Mark Kelly voted with Biden nearly 100 percent of the time and surrendered our border to the cartels,” the narrator continues, cutting Democrat Nate Silver’s 538 as the source. “Now, fentanyl is pouring into Arizona, and overdose deaths are surging. Joe Biden, Mark Kelly: Open borders; lost lives.”

The new ad from former President Donald Trump’s MAGA Inc. PAC smartly ties Kelly to President Biden. 

According to a Civiqs poll early this month, Biden has only 38% approval in the Grand Canyon State. 

Kelly started the race well out in front of Masters. 

But the entrepreneur has been chipping away at the incumbent’s lead ever since. 

Two weeks ago, the RealClearPolitics average had Kelly up 5.5-points. 

Now, RCP shows the challenger trails by just 1.5-points, well within the margin of error.

And the latest survey in Arizona has the race tied 47-47, firmly indicating the momentum all rests with Masters in the final days of the race. 

The dead-heat poll was conducted by Data for Progress, which last week dumped polling results on several of the most competitive Senate and Governor’s races in the country – and it was almost entirely good news for the GOP.  

The Data for Progress surveys also found Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson both lead their respective races by 5-points in two races where the GOP must hold the seats. 

They also concluded that former Attorney General Adam Laxalt is up 1-point in Nevada over incumbent Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. 

In other statewide races, the Data for Progress results found Florida Governor Ron DeSantis up 12 on former Governor, Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist, while New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has a commanding 13-point lead in his re-election bid. 

Elsewhere, the poll gives challengers Tim Michels of Wisconsin and Joe Lombardo of Nevada single-point advantages in their quests to knock off Governors Tony Evers and Steve Sisolak, respectively. 

And back in Arizona, the Data for Progress survey has Kari Lake out in front of Secretary of State, the debate-dodging Katie Hobbs by a solid 6-points. 

Who will win the 2022 U.S. Senate race in Arizona?