This deranged left-wing teacher’s TikTok account is one big middle finger to anyone against woke indoctrination

Democrats and their corporate-controlled media allies have repeatedly claimed parents’ concerns over left-wing indoctrination in government schools is a “right-wing conspiracy theory.”

Apparently Americans are simply supposed to ignore so-called “educators” own words and actions.

But now this deranged left-wing teacher’s TikTok account is one big middle finger to anyone against woke indoctrination.

They don’t think they can be stopped

A Baltimore, Maryland middle school teacher has become the poster child of left-wing indoctrination in government schools thanks to her recent posts on TikTok.

Alexa Scuito, a Spanish teacher at Baltimore County’s Pine Grove Middle School, originally posted a video of herself decorating her classroom exclusively in LGBT pride materials while lip syncing “f— up on your b—-,” according to Fox News.

In the video, as Scuito shows off all of her LGBT flags, she sarcastically says,  “This is a public school. The LGBT community has gone too far.”

She then grabs the Maryland state flag and proceeds to mock concerned parents by claiming, “What the hell even is this? I can tell you one thing – I do not want my children exposed to whatever this flag represents. Homeschool your kids before it’s too late.”


#duet with @scooteredu

♬ original sound – 🛴 Scooter 🛴

Apparently, Scuito fancies herself a “comedian” – she even advertised one of her shows by writing on Facebook, “Come see what LibsOfTikTok, Newsmax, and at least two Maryland Municipalities tried and failed to dox” – but clearly she has a long way to go.

Regardless, as one may expect, that video generated comments from those who – rightly – believe that government schools shouldn’t be in the business of left-wing indoctrination.

“None of this is what education is supposed to be about,” one such commenter wrote. “Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. Why are you so f***ing hellbent on indoctrinating our children?”

That’s when Scuito chose to make a video responding directly to that comment, and it was nothing but a massive middle finger to anyone who is against woke indoctrination of children.

“Put the taxes in the bag”

In her response video, Scuito began by claiming “I just got fired for indoctrinating my students,” only to show her professional comedian chops by following it up with, “Sike.”

Scuito revealed that she was, in fact, still employed – although, she really had us going there for a minute – and then burst into a dance of some sort next to captions that read “Y’all will never take me alive” and “put the taxes in the bag,” along with an arrow pointing to a gif of money labeled “your taxes.”

Unfortunately, the teacher chose to delete her TikTok account after the video began going viral, but not before these screenshots could be captured.

Fox News reported that, on another occasion, Scuito claimed “professionalism is a patriarchal and White supremacist myth” – whatever that means.

While this obviously doesn’t represent all teachers or government school employees, it does represent a rabid minority that is clearly hellbent on forcing their agenda on children one way or another.

And as Alexa Scuito proved with her TikToks, they’ll do it all while giving concerned parents the middle finger.

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