This Disney Director just exposed her true feelings about the American movie audience

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe used to turn out hit after hit. 

But the opposite is now true – with the Marvel Cinematic Universe churning out flop after flop.  

And this Disney Director just exposed her true feelings about the American movie audience. 

They don’t make heroes like they used to

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) includes some of the most iconic characters in pop culture history.

From Captain America to Iron Man to the Incredible Hulk – Americans have lost themselves in the pages of these comic books for decades.

For years, millions of Americans rushed to theaters to watch their favorite superheroes vanquish the villains. 

However, in phases four and five of its franchise, the MCU has abandoned the girl they took to the dance in favor of a social justice warrior protestor. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is now replacing setting, story, and character. 

The result has been a never-ending stream of flops, both at the box office and on the Disney+ streaming service. 

The Marvels are far from marvelous at the box office

The latest MCU movie to fail faster than Quicksilver can run is the long-anticipated film, The Marvels

The Brie Larson led vehicle is nothing more than a “go girl power” flick, featuring a white woman hero who is speculated to be bisexual, a black female hero, and a young Muslim girl hero. 

Of course, to Disney – the parent company of the MCU – that’s all that matters. 

But audiences demand more, which is why The Marvels had the worst opening weekend in MCU history. 

The film only grossed $46.1 million in its opening weekend domestically. 

“Virulent, violent, racist, sexist, and homophobic” fans

In an interview with Variety’s Angelique Jackson, Director Nia DaCosta attacked blue-collar fans of comic book movies. 

“There are pockets where you go because you’re like, ‘I’m a super fan,’” DaCosta began. “I want to exist in the space of just adoration — which includes civilized critique. Then there are pockets that are really virulent and violent and racist — and sexist and homophobic and all those awful things. And I choose the side of the light. That’s the part of fandom I’m most attracted to.”

In other words, if you like her movie and the woke messaging within it, then you are a good human being. 

However, if you don’t like her movie or weren’t interested in seeing it based on the trailers, then you’re one of those hateful deplorables who probably voted for Trump and should be the victim of cancel culture. 

Disney CEO Bob Iger keeps saying that the media conglomerate has learned its lesson and will stay out of politics.

But the proof is in the pudding.

And from classic fairy tale remakes to the Star Wars franchise to Indiana Jones to the MCU, no matter how much money they lose in the process, Disney keeps releasing lazy stories that push woke propaganda.  

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