This Fake News reporter’s claims about a convicted sex offender will leave you speechless

Woke left-wing extremism has totally warped the brains of millions of Americans leaving them without a bit of common sense or critical thinking skills.

And that’s especially true for self-proclaimed “journalists.”

Now this Fake News reporter’s claims about a convicted sex offender will leave you speechless.

It’s tough out there for sex offenders

Recently, the left-wing outlet known as VICE News decided to run a piece that focused on just how difficult it is for convicted sex offenders to live in America.

The crux of sympathetic piece, led by VICE reporter Alice Hines, argues that Americans are simply too unforgiving of convicted sex offenders, and don’t believe they deserve second chances, highlighting the struggles convicted sex offenders face when trying to re-enter society.

One of those convicted sex offenders, was an Illinois man named “Aishef,” who as a teenager was convicted of sexually assaulting a female college student while she was asleep.

“The woman he assaulted told VICE she woke up to him inappropriately touching her, called the police, and later picked him out of a lineup,” Fox News reported. According to the report, “Aishef had earlier run-ins involving trespassing on her campus.”

While his struggles to find work and permanent housing were highlighted in the piece, Aishef maintained his innocence, even though he pleaded guilty and DNA evidence supported his guilt.

But the actual crime was far from the point Hines was trying to make, as Aishef claimed in the piece that being a sex offender wasn’t who he was and that he didn’t feel free in America despite no longer being behind bars.

The woke left-wing narrative of sex offenders “hardships” aside, it’s actually what Aishef did after his interview with VICE that will leave you absolutely speechless.

What happened to #MeToo?

At the very end of the VICE piece — after more than half a hour of woke left-wing nonsense on convicted sex offenders “hardships,” Hines finally revealed a startling fact — Aishef had sent a picture of his penis to the producer of the VICE piece following the recording of his interview with Hines.

But get this — Hines admitted that she debated whether or not to share that information, as she claimed it could be “argued” that the factoid was “not relevant” to a piece on convicted sex offenders and she didn’t want to affect how viewers received the woke left-wing narrative she was pushing.

Just let that one sink in for a moment.

“I think it’s up to the viewers to decide whether to believe it or not . . .” Hines claimed. “We went back and forth a lot about it, because on the one hand, you could argue that it’s not relevant to the story of the injustice that Aishef faced at the hands of the state,” Hines said. “His lawyers would argue that the fact of the dick pic isn’t relevant, but we wanted to give the full story to our viewers.”

Mind you, this man is a convicted sex offender, who was being put up by Hines and VICE as proof that of how “badly” America treats people convicted of crimes like sexual assault and outright rape — but she thought it may not be “relevant” to mention it.

And to top it all off, Hines later told another VICE News reporter in an interview about the piece that she was “shocked” and “angry” that the picture had been sent, yet she still gave into her woke left-wing brainwashing and couched it as Aishef being a “complex person.”

“He’s a complex person, and this is part of his complexity,” Hines suggested.

There simply are no words to accurately describe how asinine and utterly ludicrous this entire ordeal is.

But this is the woke Left — this is how they think, the prism through which they view the world, and yet, Republicans are the problem.

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