This fed-up mother is standing up to “woke” school agendas

When it comes to America’s public school systems, parents have every reason to be concerned and alarmed. 

In many communities, even those in red states, students are being brainwashed by extreme far-left Marxist teachers. 

Things have gotten so bad in this one particular school district that a fed-up mother threatened to take action against these “woke” agendas. 

The dangerous state of today’s public education systems

Over the last couple of years, the Left has made it their mission to brainwash America’s youth with harmful and at times downright disgusting Marxist propaganda. 

Lesson plans have been uncovered that show teachers teaching graphic sexual education to children as young as five in some states, and in many states Critical Race Theory is being taught to very young children as well. 

The premise behind Critical Race Theory is that white people are born racist and are inherently oppressors and that black people cannot be racist and are inherently oppressed. 

Such teachings are nothing more than Marxist fundamentalism, and they have no place in America’s government-run schools. 

As a result of these backward and at times perverse lesson plans, parents are becoming outraged, and understandably so. 

One such parent is Gabrielle Clark, who moved from Nevada to Texas after learning that her son was being taught Critical Race Theory. 

But after finding out that her local school was exploring the idea of teaching her kids Critical Race Theory in her new home, she became outraged. 

As a result, Clark took her frustrations all the way to the Texas House of Representatives. 

Now is the time for parents to stand up and fight back

At a public education committee hearing Clark stood up and said “If my daughter is taught CRT at all, I will sue you. If my daughter is taught [social and emotional learning] at all I will sue you. I am encouraging every parent I know to sue you; to sue every teacher, every principal, every system, everybody up the chain . . . because we’re tired of y’all”

She added, “I do not want my child to be taught that just because she is black and a woman she ain’t gonna make it. I do not want my daughter to be taught that she needs to express herself sexually in her classroom” 

Clark is exactly right, and there are millions of parents who feel the same way but are afraid to speak out. 

Young children should be learning about how to read, write, do basic math, and be a good human being. 

Learning about fetishes, transgenderism, and Marxist fundamentalism is abhorrent, and any teacher who is caught teaching young children these perverted lessons should be fired, at the very least. 

A prime example of what should be done is Florida’s anti-grooming bill, which prevents young children from being taught about transgenderism and other perverted lessons. 

Other states should adopt measures such as this one to protect the future of their children from the hands of these disgusting perverts. 

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