This former CIA operative wants to become the Republican nominee in 2024

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The Republican Presidential Primary field is getting wider and growing more diverse.

While there are many familiar faces in the race, there are also some unknown longshots.

And this former CIA operative wants to become the Republican nominee in 2024.

Former CIA operative enters the Republican Presidential Primary

From 2015 to 2021, Will Hurd represented Texas House District 23 in Congress.  But shortly after getting re-elected to a third term, Hurd announced that he would resign from his position. Hurd became known as a moderate Republican and was once called “the future of the GOP” by Politico.

Politico described him as a “young, eloquent, dark-skinned, social media-savvy legislator who solves problems like a technocrat and speaks with an earned authority on national security.” He “earned” his national security credentials by serving as an undercover CIA operative.

Hurd’s career with the CIA ran from 2000 to 2009, where he spent most of his time undercover in Pakistan. He has since joined a cybersecurity firm based in Texas called the Crumpton Group. He hopes to use his cyber background to influence government operations and would like to see a “Cyber National Guard” built.

Hurd is looking to make a name for himself by denouncing former President Donald Trump.

Hurd hopes to push back on Trump and change the conversation in the Republican field

The former CIA operative announced his bid for President last week in an interview on CBS News. He has been a vocal critic of Trump and wants to show his fellow candidates that they don’t need to back down just because he has an overwhelming lead in the polls.

“You can’t be afraid of Donald Trump. Too many candidates in this race are afraid of Donald Trump, but we have to articulate a different vision,” he said in the interview. He believes that Trump is setting a bad example for the Party and should be focusing on the future instead of the past.

Hurd said that there are more pressing concerns in America than the 2020 election. “I believe the Republican Party can be the Party that talks about the future, not the past,” he said.

He went on to appeal to the audience about some of the major issues facing the country.

The country needs “common sense” to deal with the international and economic problems

Hurd explained that “there are a number of generational defining challenges we are faced with in the United States.” He said “we need common sense” to prevail over the “complicated times” we are living in right now. 

He slammed the current status quo in Washington, D.C. for not being able to deliver for the American people. He said America is facing major international threats and warned that China is trying to “surpass us as the global superpower.”

Hurd is concerned about inflation under Joe Biden.  He predicted that the economy will only get worse as “artificial intelligence is going to upend every single industry.” We need to get our kids ready for this future, he warned, but right now “their scores in math and reading are the lowest in this century.”

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