This former NBA superstar is under fire for a transgender website he made for kids

Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

As Americans get ready for the onslaught that is “Pride Month,” there are disturbing stories coming out everywhere.

This includes revolting stories from the sports world.

And this former NBA superstar is under fire for a transgender website he made for kids.

Former NBA superstar Dwyane Wade just found out the hard way that actively pushing the transgender lifestyle on minor children has major consequences.

Wade, who spent the bulk of his NBA career with the Miami Heat, retired in 2019.

A platform for transgender youth

Wade was back in South Florida last week to receive an award. 

He used the award ceremony to announce a platform for “transgender youth.” 

The new platform was in part inspired by his own son.

At age 12, Zion Wade decided that he was a girl and has since legally changed his name to Zaya. 

Now 17, Zion/Zaya has become an outspoken LGBTQ activist and social media celebrity.

And his father Dwayne Wade has joined the LGBT community as well.

“Dwyane’s tireless dedication to the trans community and racial justice has illuminated the path toward a more inclusive future,” Carolina García Jayaram, CEO of the Elevate Prize Foundation, said before presenting Wade with the award. “By bravely confronting societal norms and advocating for change, Dwyane has not only reshaped perceptions, but also inspired countless individuals to be more supportive and to embrace authenticity.”

Wade, who claims he left Florida in part because of the state’s “anti-LGBT” legislation, said his son is “the catalyzing force behind Translatable.” 

Translatable is the new transgender social platform launched by Wade.

Currently, the Translatable website doesn’t have much content.

There is a video of Wade with his son and a notice that the website is “a safe space for LGBTQIA+ youth to express themselves and is a resource hub for their parents, families, and support systems.”

A firestorm of backlash against the former NBA star

Not surprisingly, the launch of Wade’s pro-transgender website set off a firestorm.

Many of Wade’s fans took to social media to blast the former Heat star.

“Dwyane Wade has launched his online community website focused on castrating black kids,” one user wrote.

 “This is so bad. What you’ve done to your son because your wife controls you. Sad,” another user wrote, noting that Wade’s wife, actress Gabrielle Union, has made this one of her pet causes.

“Imagine having to spend the rest of your life pretending that your kid isn’t mentally ill because you’re too weak of a father to say ‘No,’” another wrote.

Another summed it up by simply writing “what a sick degenerate.”

For his part, Wade doesn’t care about the backlash, probably due in large part to the applause he has been getting from the radical LGBTQ community and woke celebrities.

“As we say in the hood, it’s ignant,” Wade said on a podcast.

“I grew up with the same perspective as a lot of these people out here, that’s a little ignant,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Wade and his supporters will continue to remain “ignant” of the fact that statistics on affirmation and transitioning show how they are a major detriment to the very kids they claim to be supporting.

But facts and science don’t matter to the radical LGBTQ activists.

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