This former Obama staffer’s excuse for Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal will have you rolling in laughter

Democrats and their lapdog media allies are scrambling to shield Joe Biden.

But he makes it difficult with his constant gaffes and missteps.

And this former Obama staffer’s excuse for Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal will have you rolling in laughter.

President Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal continues to mushroom.

Democrats pinned their hopes on former President Donald Trump’s classified documents imbroglio being the thing that finally ended his political career and landed him behind bars.

But now, Democrats have to take a defensive posture in order to protect President Biden from whatever fate they dreamed up for Trump.

Trump argued that he declassified the documents at Mar-a-Lago, which he had absolute authority to do as Commander-in-Chief.

Biden did not have that power as former President Barack Obama’s Vice President, so his classified documents defense is considerably murkier.

And MSNBC brought on Obama’s former Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes, to play defense for President Biden.

“Could you give us some insights into how these things can get mixed in with other pieces of paper?” Andrea Mitchell asked Rhodes.

“I think it’s trickier for a President or a Vice President, who obviously have far more documents in their offices, in their residences than I did as a White House official,” Rhodes claimed. “And so clearly what happened here is something went wrong in the process of packing up those documents. Documents got co-located, and they could’ve been co-located, by the way, at any time. It might’ve happened months before things were packed up. A memo gets put in the wrong place here.”

So files were simply “co-located,” that’s all – nothing to see here.

Such loosey-goosey handling of classified documents does not inspire confidence, especially when some of Biden’s documents were found in his unsecured garage.

Rhodes then tried to bolster the integrity of the classified documents procedures that Biden obviously violated.

He said that “the integrity of the classification system really matters.”

“President Trump in essentially ignoring a request to return these documents was essentially challenging the basis of that entire system,” Rhodes added. “The rules don’t need to apply to me. Whereas with President Biden, clearly there was a mistake made, but the instinct was to say, ‘No, I respect the integrity of the system. I’m gonna get this stuff back.’”

After fear-mongering, and pretending Trump was holding onto nuclear secrets and selling them to Russia, it turned out that the documents in question were mainly mementos, such as notes from world leaders.

Joe Biden blew up Democrats’ entire narrative, and they’re grasping at straws for a new one.

Will Democrats hang Joe Biden out to dry in order to take down Donald Trump?