This former Trump Senior Advisor sent the establishment into a frenzy with an astonishing 2024 endorsement

Donald Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party.

And as a result of his leadership in forging a more populist GOP, Republicans have never been in a better position ahead of a Presidential election as they are for 2024.

But this former Trump Senior Advisor sent the establishment into a frenzy with an astonishing 2024 endorsement.

The race is on for 2024

Despite the 2022 Midterms being just two months away, many Americans are already looking ahead to 2024’s Presidential election.

That includes a former senior advisor to then-President Donald Trump, who is now throwing his support behind another America First conservative not named Trump to take the mantle for the freedom movement and challenge Democrats in 2024.

In an op-ed for The Daily Caller, Christian Whiton, who served on both Trump’s transition team and as a senior advisor in his administration, argued that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is actually better positioned than Trump to carry a more populist conservative movement forward.

“I write this as a fan of Trump, as someone who served on his transition and in his administration, and as someone who cherishes the New Right he has founded — a movement grounded in blue collar populism, not playing by the lefty media’s rules, and a realist foreign policy,” Whiton wrote.

Among the examples the former Trump Senior Advisor gave to make his case was the dichotomy between the former President’s handling of the FBI during his time in office, and DeSantis’ efforts to take on left-wing extremists embedded in Florida’s bureaucracy.

“When Trump had enough of FBI Director James Comey pretending that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, he fired that quintessential swamp critter in 2017,” Whiton said. “But he appointed another swamp critter, Christopher Wray, as his successor. Wray has continued to turn the bureau’s Washington Field Office into a tool of partisan Democrat politics.“

“Contrast that to DeSantis, who recently took decisive action against a George Soros-backed, soft-on-crime prosecutor in Tampa, Andrew Warren, who thought he could ignore laws passed by the state legislature,” he continued. “DeSantis canned the prosecutor and replaced him with one who will enforce the law. Similarly, DeSantis just dispensed with school board members in liberal Broward County who put politics and bureaucrats ahead of school security. Buh-bye.”

Out-trumping Trump?

In addition to that example, Whiton also highlighted differences he sees between Trump’s early handling of COVID – placing Dr. Anthony Fauci in his “position of supreme prominence” – versus DeSantis’ unwavering fight to reopen Florida, as well as differences he believes there are between Trump and DeSantis fight against woke corporations.

Ultimately, Whiton argued that “DeSantis could out-trump Trump,” as he believes the Governor has proven to be more effective at hiring the right personnel and enacting the right policies to bring the America First agenda to its full potential.

Additionally, he noted that Trump will be 78 if elected, whereas Governor DeSantis would be just 46, and could serve two consecutive terms to the former President’s one.

Of course, this is all just one man’s opinion, and polls clearly indicate that Donald Trump is currently favored by the Republican base.

Yet, it does raise an interesting question, as Governor DeSantis has become incredibly popular throughout America, and seems to be destined to be Republican’s nominee at some point — be it 2024 or 2028.

No matter what, this is a GREAT “problem” to have

For the first time in many Americans’ lifetime, Republican voters have the luxury to actually choose between two incredible true conservatives who fight exclusively for the American people, rather than the “lesser of evils,” who fight for the establishment elite.

That’s literally the best case scenario for putting America back on track, and is the type of situation conservatives could only dream of less than a decade ago.

At the same time, with the country literally falling apart and Republican’s having a back-up plan as incredible as Ron DeSantis – not to mention everything the Deep State is throwing at Trump even when he’s out of office and not actively running for office – it would be a mistake for Republicans not to, at the very least, consider which path is best for the nation not just a few years down the road, but for the next decade plus.

Obviously, the best possible scenario for such a situation would be for Trump to win in 2024, and DeSantis to follow that up with a two-term run starting in 2028, to give conservatives the type of 12 year run the Reagan Revolution should have had, if not for George H.W. Bush’s utter incompetence.

But in doing that, there’s also a risk that the Biden regime’s increasing authoritarianism, and/or the FBI, would kneecap another Trump campaign, just as they did in 2020, potentially handing Joe Biden or another Democrat four more years of left-wing destruction.

It’s also not like DeSantis wouldn’t face many of the same efforts by left-wing extremists embedded in the federal government that Trump has, but it would be more difficult for Democrats to make DeSantis anywhere close to the “threat” they’ve built Trump into thanks to their Fake News Media allies.

In the end, there really isn’t a wrong answer here, which is obviously a GREAT “problem” for conservatives to have.

Still, the consequences for a wrong choice now will be more dire than ever before.

And for that reason – and that reason alone – Republican voters need to make a choice and stick to it sooner rather than later.

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