This Former US Attorney is showing the parallel between cases brought against Trump and Clinton

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The Democrats want nothing more than Donald Trump to go down as the biggest criminal in history.

They’ve proven it with their unrelenting investigations that have ultimately led to no charges.

Now this Former US Attorney is showing the parallel between cases brought against Trump and Clinton.

Former US Attorney claims that Trump and Clinton allegedly broke the same law

For nearly eight years, the radical Left has been trying to stop Trump from succeeding in his political ambitions. At this point, they’ve tried everything that they can to eliminate Trump’s influence and put a stop to his movement.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is now center stage in the war against Trump. The Soros-backed District Attorney is pushing for charges related to campaign expenses that he says implicate Trump. He says Trump is hiding payments to porn star Stormy Daniels that illegally came out of campaign contributions.

Many political pundits are pushing back on the idea by calling it a nothing-burger. Former US Attorney Brett Tolman said that since Hillary Clinton broke the same law in 2016, any potential indictment would be politically motivated.

Of course, it all connects back to the Russian collusion hoax.

Clinton’s dossier against Trump was illegally funded

In an exchange on Twitter, Tolman explained that the legal theory Bragg is attempting to use against Trump should have been used against Hillary Clinton in 2016. He said that the  “legal fees” Clinton paid to manufacture the Russian pee dossier were equally nefarious.

Tolman’s claim was in response to a tweet by former New York City police officer John Cardillo. The former policeman shared a post saying that “Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 and no one cared.” Tolman said that this was an oversimplification and that it could be tied to Hillary as well.

“The Hillary Campaign was actually fined for hiding the Steele Dossier payment under ‘legal fees’—essentially the same legal theory on the Stormy Daniels payment the DA is running a criminal investigation of Trump,” Tolman said.

There might be some merit to Tolman’s assertion.

Fusion GPS received more than $1 million for the dossier

Trump stands accused of using his legal team to pay Stormy Daniels so that it would be hidden under the auspice of “legal fees.” Records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) indicate that the Clinton campaign was charged for the same thing.

But Clinton only received a fine.

In March of 2022, the FEC issued the fine against the Clinton campaign for President after more than $1 million was paid to Perkins Coie to purchase the dossier that claimed Trump paid for Russian prostitutes to perform grotesque acts with him. 

The baseless claim made headlines in the months leading up to the 2016 election and was only fully debunked after he won the Presidency.

Tolman says that the FEC issued their fine after the House Intelligence Committee made payments made by the Clinton campaign available to the public. Records showed that Perkins Coie paid a research firm, Fusion GPS, for the phony dossier and that the law firm itself received compensation for the act. 

The campaign got nothing more than a slap on the wrist after they were ordered to pay just $8,000 for misappropriation of donor funds. But now they want Trump thrown in jail for the same thing.

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