This government is making an outrageous demand from its citizens

Someone is demanding you turn down the thermostat. 

But this time it isn’t dad, it’s Big Brother. 

And this government is making an outrageous demand from its citizens.

A disaster is looming

The United Kingdom has adopted many of the foolish policies that the radical Left wants to implement here in America. 

That includes the extreme Green Agenda. 

The problem with implementing these so-called “green” policies is that they never actually produce enough green energy to meet people’s needs. 

So they end up relying on foreign imports of oil and gas. 

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the UK and other European nations are facing gas shortages that could lead to blackouts. 

Now the UK government is gearing up a campaign to tell Brits to turn down their thermostat this winter to save energy. 

While for now it is starting as a public awareness campaign to encourage less energy use, knowing the British government, a more heavy-handed approach could likely be on the horizon. 

The messaging could soon shift to demands and they could even begin cutting off users, especially businesses. 

This is according to the British government’s “gas emergency” blackout prevention plan. 

“It is anticipated that the effect of public appeals would diminish as time passes and that they would need to be repeated and reinforced at frequent intervals and eventually it is possible that the reduction in demand from the appeals would be insufficient,” the plan reads.

This sort of heavy-handed approach is common in Britain, as evidenced by their draconian COVID lockdowns. 

The Left wants it to happen here

If the radical Left gets their way, it could happen here next. 

In California, there have already been calls on consumers to reduce their electricity use to prevent blackouts. 

This came shortly after California decided to institute a ban on gas-powered cars and make a move to all electric. 

So California was essentially saying you must get an electric car, but don’t plug it in.

Environmental policies are reducing America’s energy supply, and they want to make it even worse. 

Joe Biden recently attacked the coal industry, even threatening to close down every coal plant in the country. 

Coal produces 22% of American electricity.

Natural gas, which the environmental Left has also been hostile toward, produces 38%.

The cost to power and heat homes has skyrocketed in the last couple years, and it could get even worse. 

The authoritarian Left would certainly like to get as heavy-handed as the UK appears poised to be. 

Leftists have even called for “climate emergencies” and “climate lockdowns,” using draconian COVID policies as a blueprint. 

If the environmentalists get their way, we would be returning to the Stone Age in the name of “saving the planet.”

That is why the Green Agenda is so dangerous. 

If Americans want to maintain our modern standard of living, we must reject the Green Agenda and demand increased domestic energy production. 

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