This hilarious parody song just put Hunter Biden’s rampant drug use back in the headlines

Screenshot via Youtube, ABC News

When the Hunter Biden laptop story was dominating the news, it was clear that this man has major problems.

It didn’t take long before the corporate-controlled press began ignoring all of his sick exploits.

But this hilarious parody song just put Hunter Biden’s rampant drug use back in the headlines.

Hunter Biden detailed drug use in memoir after months of denial by the press

In October of 2020, images from a laptop left at a Pennsylvania computer repair shop rocked the internet. 

The images depicted a man who would soon be identified as the son of then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

We were told that the images that show Hunter doing drugs and partying with prostitutes were part of a Russian disinformation campaign. 

But the young Biden released his memoir Beautiful Things a few months later.

The book confirmed that the 51-year-old son of the current President had a history of drug abuse and struggled with getting sober.

Hunter’s first experience with crack cocaine was in high school and he was always known for his alcohol tolerance by his friends. 

“I could always drink five times more than anyone else,” he said in the book. 

It didn’t take long for the press to shift the focus away from Hunter’s exploits. 

But now they’re coming back to haunt him.

Hunter “wasn’t gonna split it all, with the old big guy”

In the early 2000s, Afroman released his hit single Because I Got High, which earned him millions of dollars. 

Now the artist is trying to bring the song back with a remix called Because Hunter Got High. 

The parody song was co-written by songwriter Chris Wallin and brings renewed attention to Hunter’s “laptop from hell.”

Afroman pulled no punches in the song that hits on multiple scandals. 

The rapper notes that Hunter “never could paint” until he got high, and now he’s selling millions of dollars in artwork. 

He then mentions Ukraine and says that it “wasn’t part of the plan till Hunter got high.”

“Biden never used to start with ‘buy,’ until Hunter got high,” he said. 

He took aim at President Biden. 

“He wasn’t gonna split it all, with the old big guy, but Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high,“ he sings.

Baste Records is declaring war on the Democrat “dominated” music industry

The album was produced by Baste Records. 

The company has been pushing back on the entertainment industry for years by producing alternative music for their fans. 

Baste Records says that they are a “platform for conservative musicians and artists to reach a wider audience and share their beliefs and values through their music.”

They know that it’s important to counter the mainstream entertainment industry that is “dominated by liberal or progressive values.” 

“Musical culture is a powerful way to reach new voters and this song lets everyone know that even Afroman is fed up with the way the Democrats are running the country,” they said upon the release of the song.

The song will be impossible to hide from the public when it soars to the trending tab on social media. 

The video has been shared and reposted thousands of times and is now going viral. 

The hilarious video is definitely worth the four minutes.

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