This humiliating Greta Thunberg video will have you hitting replay like a broken record

“How dare you!” 

Those words turned young Greta Thunberg into the voice of the woke generation. 

But now this humiliating video of an unceremonious exit for the grating green girl will have you watching on repeat. 

The great green Greta

At the age of 15, Greta Thunberg began protesting for more climate control regulations outside of Swedish Parliament. 

Her antics and age caught the attention of the enviro-radicals on the Left and the tiny teen was invited to address the United Nations. 

The next year, at the 2019 UN Climate Summit, Thunberg scolded the audience and instantly became a meme when she exclaimed, “How dare you,” to world leaders for not doing enough to advance so-called “green” policies. 

She instantly became a hero on the Left and the subject of mockery on the Right. 

However, a joke about Thunberg back then could get you banned from Twitter, as she was still a minor. 

But now she’s 20 – so all bets are off. 

Thunberg’s toddler temper tantrum trick

Now conservatives can freely laugh at Green Greta getting hauled off by police after protesting with violent hate-group Antifa.

The incident happened over the weekend in Lützerath, Germany. 

Thunberg and Antifa were protesting the expansion of the Garzweiler coal mine. 

They don’t like that the expansion would necessitate the demolition of an already-abandoned village.

The annoying and pretentious “climate expert,” refused to leave when police ordered her to – so she was forcibly removed from the area, along with all her radical friends. 

In fact, Greta was so concerned about this ghost town becoming a coal mine that could help lower energy costs for hardworking Germany families and create good paying jobs – she pulled the old toddler tantrum trick of planting dead still. 

Police picked up all 75lbs of her and carried her off the scene.  

Her fans are calling it police brutality – but a quick viewing of the video clearly shows the only thing brutal is Greta’s outfit. 

No laughing matter

One could be understanding of the police being a bit on edge of protesters in Germany right now. 

As Andy Ngo of the Post Millennial reported, the village of Lüzerath has become a magnet for climate activists. 

For months now, radical leftists – who have gone as far as bringing their young children to a dangerous scene – have come from all around the country to occupy the abandoned village.

They’ve turned into an autonomous zone – similar to “Chaz” in Seattle during Black Lives Matter’s so-called “summer of love,” which saw death, destruction, and looting all in the name of “equity.”  

The occupiers have been attacking people and vehicles that they believe approach too closely to them. 

Masked militants have been chanting the BLM and Antifa slogan, “our street” in English.

They’re even starting fires and throwing rocks and even firebombs at police.

According to Ngo, dozens of police officers have been injured by Thunberg’s supporters, and the protestors have also attacked members of the press. 

Patriot Political will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.