This iconic Hollywood Democrat just dropped a bomb about Joe Biden

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to people in Hollywood, certain names and faces make it quite obvious that they’re fans of The Left.

But one of those famous people has spent years banging the drums for the Democrats.

And now this iconic Hollywood Democrat just dropped a bomb about Joe Biden.

Jon Stewart: Biden is “too old” to be President

Most people recognize Jon Stewart as the host of the Daily Show and someone who has been beloved in progressive circles for decades.

However, the fact that Stewart is a Democrat didn’t stop him from making fun of Joe Biden during his recent appearance at the “Netflix is a Joke” festival.

Stewart said “I know liberals say, ‘Don’t say Joe Biden is old’ – don’t say what people see with their own eyes! You can say it, he can’t hear us.”

“I know how f****** old he is, and I know you don’t want to say it because Trump is so scary, but he’s so f****** old,” Stewart added. “When you watch him on television, you’re nervous, aren’t ya?”

The comedian and Comedy Central star concluded that while Biden may have something he can offer the world, he “shouldn’t be President.”

“I’m not saying that Biden can’t contribute to society, he just shouldn’t be President,” he said.

While it might be surprising to hear someone like Jon Stewart say this publicly, he’s one of several Democrats who have voiced concerns about Biden’s mental fitness.

Stewart also said it’s not good for Americans to be forced to choose between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“Why are we allowing this?” he said. “And now we’re going to have a President that’s the two oldest people that have ever run for the office of the Presidency.”

Although his jokes and commentary had the audience laughing, Stewart faced some backlash when he called out Biden’s age earlier this year.

In February, Stewart said, “This guy couldn’t remember stuff during his deposition. Do you understand what that means? He had no ability to recall very basic things under questioning. The footage of the President unable to recall simple facts must have been brutal to watch.”

Stewart flip-flops

After his statement in February, Stewart appeared to backpedal on his comments about Biden’s age.

“Which one of you pricks wants to fight? Put up your dukes! Biden is back, baby! I know that all the haters have been out there, talking their s*** – he is too old, he is too weak, he won’t be able to make it, he is – I see you haters. I know who you are!” he said.

Stewart also hammered the Republican rebuttal that followed the State of the Union Address.

He asked whether Biden’s message would, “Survive a concise and intelligent rebuttal.”

The comedian then mocked the rebuttal on Saturday Night Live.

“Who smiles when they say the line ‘steeped in the blood of patriots?’” he asked, referring to Alabama Senator Katie Britt’s commentary.

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