This left-wing teachers union just launched a disgustingly racist plot against white teachers

Many everyday Americans have gone to great lengths in recent years to shine a light on the left-wing madness happening inside America’s government-controlled schools.

But unfortunately, it’s only getting worse.

And this left-wing teachers union just launched a disgustingly racist plot against white teachers.

Teacher shortages mean nothing to Marxists

With the start of a new school year right around the corner, teachers unions all across the nation have spent the past few weeks yelling about teacher shortages and demanding pay raises.

In fact, National Education Association President Rebecca Pringle told ABC News she estimates the nation is lacking 300,000 teachers and support staff.

According to Pringle and others in teachers unions, this situation is all a result of not being able to replace outgoing teachers at an appropriate rate because not enough students are choosing to go into teaching.

If Pringle’s estimate that the nation is lacking 300,000 teachers is true, no one can deny that’s obviously a not-so-great situation for America’s education system.

And with teachers unions making so much noise about the shortage, you’d assume they’d be fighting on behalf of current teachers to improve the situation.

Of course, that would be the case if teachers unions actually wanted to help teachers, rather than spending their “dues” on advancing the radical Left’s Marxist agenda.

According to Minnesota outlet Alpha News, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers entered into an agreement with the Minneapolis school district last spring that would require the district to fire white teachers before any other teachers regardless of seniority, ability, or anything else.

“[I]f excessing a teacher who is a member of a population underrepresented among licensed teachers in the site, the district shall excess the next least senior teacher, who is not a member of an underrepresented population,” the agreement reads.

Fox News reported that excessing teachers “is the process by which staff are reduced at a particular school due to a drop in enrollment, funding, or other reasons.”

On top of that, the agreement also mandates that should the school district reinstate teachers, “the District shall prioritize the recall of a teacher who is a member of a population underrepresented among licensed teachers in the district.”

What are we even doing anymore?

The teachers unions and left-wing proponents of such nonsense contend that such measures are necessary because of “past discrimination” by the district, which they claim disproportionally effected minority teachers and led to a “lack of diversity” amongst teachers.

And it was all confirmed by a Minneapolis government schools spokesperson, who said the teachers union and school district “mutually agreed” on the deal.

“To remedy the continuing effects of past discrimination, Minneapolis Public Schools and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) mutually agreed to contract language that aims to support the recruitment and retention of teachers from underrepresented groups as compared to the labor market and to the community served by the school district,” the spokesperson told Fox News.

Hiring and firing someone based solely on the color of their skin, and not on seniority or merit, is wildly unconstitutional.

They want to pretend this is about “equality” and “justice,” but just because you’re putting a nice spin on it by claiming you’re helping the “oppressed,” does not mean it’s any less racist or despicable.

Furthermore, hiring and firing teachers based solely on the color of their skin – the exact opposite of Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream – will lead to the utter collapse of America’s education system.

Firing quality teachers just because you believe they’re a part of the “wrong race” is only going to lead to lower quality teachers filling the void.

And considering there’s a teacher shortage already, it wouldn’t seem wise to tell 58% of the population that they will always be fired before their non-white counterparts no matter how hard they work, how good they are at their job, nothing.

No matter how evil you believe all white people to be, it’s likely pretty safe to go out on a limb and say there’s probably at least a few who are good teachers despite it all.

The radical Left likes to pretend that the Right is just a bunch of racists, yet they are the ones who constantly push laws that would discriminate based on race.

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