This mass exodus of Democrats could be the end of the party as we know it

There is a virtual consensus throughout the nation that Democrats will face massive losses in November’s 2022 Midterm elections.

At this point, that’s been talked about ad nauseum.

But what hasn’t been talked much about is this mass exodus of Democrats that could be the end of the party as we know it.

Democrats’ troubles extend well beyond 2022

The Democrat Party’s conscious decision to embrace the most radical, socialist, and Marxist factions of their left-wing base has only resulted in moving the Party, and their agenda, just to the Left of socialist Venezuela on the political spectrum.

Unfortunately for the nation – at least in the short-term – the time it has taken for many traditional liberals and Independents to recognize, as conservatives have long ago, the devastating reality the radical Left’s agenda has actually created, allowed many gullible and ill-informed Americans to fall prey to the radical Left’s brainwashing.

But now, thanks to the Biden administration and Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, the American people have been able to see the radical Left’s agenda up close and personal.

Everyday, more and more Americans are rejecting the radical Left, leading to President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ historically-low approval ratings.

For the most part, the Fake News Media and so-called political “experts” have only focused on how Democrats’ troubles will impact their performance in the 2022 Midterms.

Based on this overlooked mass exodus of registered voters from the Democrat Party, though, 2022 might just be the least of the Left’s worries, as it looks like their problems extend well beyond the Midterms.

The mass exodus of Democrat voters the Fake News Media won’t tell you about

According to voter registration data reviewed by The Nevada Independent, registered voters in Nevada are fleeing the Democrat Party to re-register as Republicans and Independents.

In fact, based on the current trends in the state, many believe if such an exodus continues, it could turn the state from a rather blue state into a red state before the 2024 election.

Over just the past three months, “2,331 Democrats have switched their registration to the Republican Party,” while “5,016 nonpartisans switched to Republican,” The Independent reported.

The report also revealed that another 2,431 Democrats chose to re-register as independents during that time period, far exceeding the 1,207 Republicans who became independents.

Obviously, over the past three months, the American people have been hit with skyrocketing inflation, record gas prices, food shortages, and more thanks to the Biden administration’s left-wing agenda, making such a short-term exodus nearly inevitable.

But Democrats’ problems run far deeper.

“In October 2020, the gap between registered Republicans and Democrats was nearly 90,000 voters, according to statistics from Nevada’s secretary of state,” the Daily Caller reported. “As of May 2022, the gap is less than 60,000 voters and falling fast as more Nevadans unregister from the Democratic Party.”

And if these trends continue, Nevada could very well go from a rather solid blue state to a solid red state sooner rather than later.

What this all means long-term

Nevada has traditionally been a rather solid Democrat-controlled state, with Democrat candidates winning the state in six out of the last eight Presidential elections.

But as the Daily Caller pointed out, “President Joe Biden won Nevada during the 2020 presidential election by roughly 33,000 votes; however, President Trump was able to increase the number of votes he received in the state’s most populous counties when compared to the 2016 election results, according to Politico.”

“If the trend continues in the GOP’s favor, Biden’s lead would be cut in half and Nevada would be a toss-up for the first time since 2004,” the Daily Caller concluded.

The American people are clearly fed up with the Democrat Party and their radical Left agenda.

They’ve seen the actual realities of the Left’s “socialist utopia” firsthand, and they simply can’t put up with the nonsense any longer.

It was bad enough for Democrats when they simply thought they’d face a tough 2022 Midterms, only to bounce back in the 2024 Presidential election much the same way they did in 2012 after the Tea Party came to Washington, D.C. in 2010.

But approval ratings and Midterm elections are one thing, and a mass exodus of Democrat voters that perfectly coincides with the Biden regime’s reign is a whole other can of worms.

Put simply, Democrats best hope this is an issue that is totally unique to Nevada.

Because if it isn’t, and this is merely the first sign of a mass exodus from the Democrat Party, it could very well mean the end of the party as we know it.

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