This Member of Congress just dropped a major truth bomb on Biden about starving children

At this point, the Biden administration is embodying Murphy’s Law.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

But this member of Congress just dropped a major truth bomb on Biden about starving children.

After just over a year in the White House, Joe Biden has already cemented himself as the worst President in recent memory.

Nearly every single aspect of life in America is going to crap.

Record high inflation, sky high gas prices, soaring food prices, broken supply chains, labor shortages, insanely high crime rates, and now baby formula shortages.

These recent baby formula shortages are arguably the most scary of all of these issues because now millions of American parents find themselves staring at empty store shelves in the formula section.

Let’s not sugar coat it, across the nation babies are starving under Joe Biden’s watch.

This should never, ever happen in the United States.

The reason for this shortage is complicated, but at the end of the day it boils down to broken supply chains and the Biden administration sending massive amounts of formula to the Mexican border.

You read that right, Joe Biden and the Marxists in his administration are going to extreme lengths to make sure illegal aliens are taken care of while American children starve.

Not only is that completely nonsensical, but it is pure evil.

Thankfully, some members of Congress are standing up to this demented regime.

And Kat Cammack, who represents Florida’s 3rd District in the House of Representatives, slammed the Biden regime the other day.

Representative Cammack argued, “It’s outrageous. If you have to sum it up, this is exactly what America last looks like. Meanwhile, moms across the country are panicking.”


Cammack hit the nail on the head.

Under Trump one thing was very clear.

America and Americans were always first.

Under Biden, the exact opposite is true.

However, a day of reckoning is coming for Joe Biden this November and Americans will decide whether they want change in Washington, D.C.

Nearly all experts are pointing toward a red wave this November, and if that comes true, let’s hope it brings some much-needed change.

Something needs to give or else American children will continue to go hungry and our economy will be in complete ruins.

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