This Member of Congress just lit up Joe Biden for ignoring one major ongoing crisis

There are so many crises in America that it is nearly impossible to keep track of them all. 

America is imploding under Joe Biden’s failed leadership.

But this Member of Congress just lit up Joe Biden for ignoring one major ongoing crisis. 

Joe Biden’s Presidency is nothing more than a compilation of complete failures

Just about every aspect of life in America is deteriorating under Joe Biden’s watch. 

The economy is in shambles, crime is soaring, and politics has become more vicious and divided than at any other time in recent memory. 

But one crisis that does not get nearly enough attention is the ongoing crisis at the border. 

Every day tens of thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into America with little to no resistance. 

This massive influx of economic migrants is causing a massive amount of stress on school systems, and other public services across America. 

Yet Joe Biden and his handlers are refusing to admit that there is even a problem in the first place. 

Joe Biden’s silence is causing immense outrage from people who know what is really going on at the border. 

One such person is a member of Congress, Representative Mike Green of Tennessee, who just went off on Joe Biden’s unwillingness to address the border crisis. 

On Fox News, Rep. Green said that “When we were at the border meeting with ranchers who actually are in the area that CBP can’t cover, they showed those cameras of people who are in camouflage wearing backpacks full of drugs and we actually went to one of the sites where they have a drop off/pick up point, and there were hundreds of backpacks discarded that we know were carrying drugs.” 

He then went on to say “We’ve had in Tennessee a 50 percent increase in fentanyl deaths. And that’s really just one cost of the president’s border policy. Uncompensated care at our hospitals has skyrocketed. A small hospital with a $20 million increase in lost revenue due to taking care of migrants who don’t have insurance. What happens is Americans, who have insurance, wind up paying for that.  It’s insane what the president is doing.” 

The scope of the border crisis, which Rep. Green points out, is horrifying. 

Drugs are pouring over the border and are poisoning Americans all across the nation. 

The border crisis is a health crisis and millions of Americans have died from the drugs that have been able to get through as a result of a lack of border security. 

So while Joe Biden plays political games by not addressing this crisis, Americans are suffering. 

Donald Trump was completely right in his mission to secure the southern border, and unless the border is heavily secured quickly, then thousands more will die of fentanyl overdoses in the very near future. 

This proves once again that politics are more important to Joe Biden than the people he claims to represent. 

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