This might be the real reason behind Julian Assange’s shocking plea agreement

New Media Days / Peter Erichsen, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Julian Assange has been attacked by world governments for over a decade.

But it seems to have come to an end with his surprising release from British custody.

And this might be the real reason behind Julian Assange’s shocking plea agreement.

The U.S. government made Julian Assange a martyr for freedom of speech

Julian Assange went into exile in 2012 after he published thousands of pages of leaked materials on Wikileaks.

The data dump exposed the political elites in Washington D.C. and sent the intelligence agencies into a tailspin.

The Justice Department said that Assange helped disseminate over “approximately 90,000 Afghanistan war-related significant activity reports, 400,000 Iraq war-related significant activity reports, 800 Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF GTMO) detainee assessment briefs,” and more.

The Australian journalist was given asylum by Ecuador for several years before having it withdrawn in 2019. 

That led to his arrest by authorities in London, where he was held facing charges of espionage in the United States. 

As a result, Assange has been turned into a martyr for free speech in America and around the world. 

Both U.S. presidential candidates have been directly asked about pardoning Assange. 

Neither could make a commitment to free him from his long criminal investigation.

But something seems to have changed after the Assange saga took a dramatic twist.

Assange offered shocking plea agreement by Biden’s DOJ 

The Justice Department announced a plea agreement with Assange on Tuesday, June 25. 

According to the press release, Assange “pleaded guilty today to conspiring to unlawfully obtain and disclose classified documents relating to the national defense.”

The guilty plea ends a six-year legal process by the United States government to charge Assange over his involvement with Chelsea Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst. 

The plea agreement was finalized at a remote U.S. District Court in the Northern Mariana Islands. 

The court sentenced him to time-served after being held in a U.K. prison for just over five years. 

Assange is now back in Australia and has been ordered to remain outside the United States unless given approval by authorities. 

But shortly after his release, something strange happened. 

DNC emails mysteriously disappeared from Wikileak following the plea agreement

Despite the lengthy investigation and claims that Wikileaks is a threat to U.S. national security, the site is in operation today. 

The site still hosts endless troves of leaked materials that the government is not happy about. 

One database includes over 45,000 emails leaked from the Democrat National Committee. 

Shortly after reaching his plea agreement with Biden’s Department of Justice, the page including the DNC emails became unreachable. 

The words “Internal Server Error” boldly appeared for thousands of users where they should have seen a searchable database with emails from high-profile Democrat politicians. 

Published in 2016, the DNC emails provided evidence that the Party was working to shut down then-candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton. 

The page remained unreachable for at least a day before being restored. 

But many are wondering if all the information came back when it was restored?

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