This Minnesota mother just took a sledgehammer to the Left’s woke indoctrination in government schools

Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

Democrats have spent years pushing their extremist woke indoctrination in government schools.

In doing so they have ignited a grassroots firestorm across the nation, as concerned parents from all walks of life take a stand against the insanity being forced on their children.

And now this Minnesota mother just took a sledgehammer to the Left’s woke indoctrination in government schools.

The Left did not see this coming

Minnesota’s Democrat-controlled state legislature recently approved adding a Marxist “Ethnic Studies” indoctrination program inspired by Critical Race Theory to the state’s curriculum for all students from kindergarten through high school.

Like it has throughout the country, the fact that Democrats are forcing such blatantly racist left-wing indoctrination programs on children as young as kindergarten did not sit too well with parents in the Gopher State.

And during the public comment portion of a recent Minnesota school board meeting in which left-wing board members were attempting to force an “Ethnic Studies” curriculum on students as young as kindergarten, one mother’s impassioned takedown of the indoctrination put jaws on the floor.

Kofi Montzka, a Minnesota mother of three who happens to be black, took a massive sledgehammer to the Democrats’ woke nonsense.

“This bill requires that schools teach Ethnic Studies starting in kindergarten, and I am against this,” Montzka said. “You might ask, ‘Why in the world would a black person speak against Ethnic Studies?’ Because not everything that sounds good is good.”

Montzka ripped the left-wing curriculum for fostering a sense of inferiority amongst minorities by teaching school children that they are either born “oppressors” (aka the white students) or “oppressed” (aka everyone else) and are “stuck in a caste system.”

“I’m sick of everyone denying the enormous progress we’ve made in this country, acting like it’s 1930,” Montzka said.

“This curriculum will not help kids of color succeed,” she added. “All it does is remove any reason to try.”

Putting left-wing racists on notice

The mother went on to explain to those in attendance that what she was describing “is not some theoretical crap,” as she recounted a real world example of what her children have endured so far.

According to Montzka, her child’s high school band teacher “took 20 minutes at the beginning of class to talk about anti-racism. He told the kids to look around and then he said the black boys in the school would likely not live to retirement because of racism and the police.”

But then she proceeded to call out all of the white, left-wing radicals who support forcing this “hopelessness” on children.

“I can see why you white proponents of this bill might support it,” Montzka said. “It’s not your kids being told that they can’t succeed, and you get to shed some of your white guilt in the process, but you legislators of color — how can you?”

She then continued to speak to the legislators of color in attendance, telling them all they succeeded “despite the invisible Boogeyman of systematic racism” and were voted in by “a majority of white people” to hold “some of the most powerful positions in this state.”

Needless to say, the video of the Minnesota mother’s speech has gone completely viral on social media, leading many parents across the nation to applaud Montzka’s courage.

Democrats thought they could divide the nation based on skin color, pitting the races – particularly black and white Americans – against one another in order to conquer and control the people.

But as Kofi Montzka and thousands of mothers like her from all walks of life have proven in the fight against left-wing indoctrination in government schools, that plan may just be blowing up in Democrats’ faces.

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