This MSNBC columnist turned into a laughingstock on social media over the reason she called Ron DeSantis an authoritarian

Ron DeSantis is proving that he meant business when he declared that “Florida is where woke goes to die.”

Activists in the press have lost touch with reality.

And this MSNBC columnist turned into a laughingstock on social media over the reason she called Ron DeSantis an authoritarian.

Ron DeSantis is pushing for major educational reforms in Florida that would raise teacher pay, end automatic deductions for teachers union dues, and massively restore parental rights.

During a recent event where he announced a legislative proposal to create a Teacher’s Bill of Rights, DeSantis brought up the issue of classroom discipline, specifically regarding students using cellphones during class.

“Why are these students on their phones during class all the time?” DeSantis said. “They should not be always on their phones, being distracted from the lessons.”

DeSantis said teachers should have the right to require students to leave their phones in a cubby during class hours.

Of course, this sounds reasonable to most Americans.

But to the press, it sounds like something straight out of Mussolini’s fascist Italy.

MSNBC columnist Ruth Ben-Ghiat also works as a professor at New York University and considers herself an “expert” in fascism.

In a tweet where she shared a video of DeSantis making the comment, Ben-Ghiat called his position on cell phones “dangerous” and said it only revealed his true “authoritarian” nature.

“He is so dangerous in every way,” she wrote. “Truly an authoritarian personality.”

Twitter users immediately began mocking Ben-Ghiat for calling DeSantis an authoritarian.

“Apparently, teachers controlling their own classrooms is now authoritarianism,” National Review senior writer Dan McLaughlin wrote.

“’Students shouldn’t have cell phones and be on TikTok in the classroom,’” The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller joked. “‘He’s Hitler.’”

“Next thing you know these Nazis will ask kids not to chew gum in class,” Federalist senior editor David Harsanyi tweeted.

After becoming a laughingstock on social media for her absurd comment, Ben-Ghiat deleted the tweet in embarrassment.

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