This NBA head coach neutralized a woke reporter with one sentence that will make you a fan for life, Reisio, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The NBA has been bending over backwards to appease the woke mob.

But that doesn’t mean the league is a total lost cause.

And this NBA head coach neutralized a woke reporter with one sentence that will make you a fan for life.

History in the making

Just before the start of last season, the Boston Celtics made the shocking decision to fire second-year head coach Ime Udoka after it was revealed that he engaged in what ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski called “an inappropriate workplace relationship” with a female team employee.

With Udoka’s firing coming just days before the start of the team’s preseason training camp, Celtics President of Basketball Operations and former head coach, Brad Stevens, was left with few options for a replacement.

Stevens’ top choice was then-assistant coach Joe Mazzulla, whose only head coaching experience prior to his hiring was a two-year stint at Fairmont State University, a small Division II school in Fairmont, West Virginia.

Mazzulla became the youngest head coach in the league upon his hiring.

He helped the Celtics navigate the chaos caused by the Udoka scandal and led the team to the Eastern Conference Finals before ultimately falling to the Miami Heat.

Mazzulla is still the youngest coach in the NBA, but he’s also emerged as one of its very best.

He led the Celtics on a historic run and posted a league-best 64-18 regular season record before going 15-2 thus far in the playoffs.

With a 3-0 series lead in their NBA Finals matchup with the Dallas Mavericks, the Mazzulla-led Celtics seem poised to secure the franchise’s 18th NBA Championship, which is more than any other team in league history.

And in the midst of what appears to be a historic championship run for Boston, the self-proclaimed “journalists” in the sports media are trying to inject their woke agenda into the conversation.

“For the first time since 1975”

During a recent press conference, a woke reporter chose to inject race into the discussion by asking Mazzulla, who happens to be mixed race, about the fact that he and the Mavericks’ Jason Kidd are the first two black head coaches to face-off in the NBA Finals since 1975.

The woke reporter wanted to know how Mazzulla viewed the “significance” of having two black coaches leading teams in the NBA Finals amidst what he called “the plight of black coaches.”

“For the first time since 1975, this is the NBA finals where you have two Black head coaches,” the reporter said. “Given the plight, sometimes of Black head coaches in the NBA, do you think this is a significant moment?”

For context, prior to the end of the season, nearly half of the league’s head coaches (14 out of 30) were black.

But rather than sticking to the NBA’s typical script, Mazzulla hit the woke reporter with a curveball that will likely make you a fan for life.

“I wonder how many of those have been Christian coaches,” Mazzulla shot back.

The Celtics head coach has worn his Christian faith on his sleeve since he was first hired.

What’s really important

When a reporter asked him earlier this season about the British Royal Family after the Prince and Princess of Wales attended a Celtics game, Mazzulla informed the media that the only “Royal Family” he was aware of were Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

But more than anything, he’s often used his public declarations of faith to wake reporters up to the fact that – largely because of their woke obsession – they’re focused on things that don’t really matter.

He expanded on the importance of his faith by calling it his “anchor” and the “most important thing.”

“I think it’s the most important thing,” Mazzulla said of his Christian faith. “I think the ability to handle the ebbs and flows, the humility to understand that there’s a plan that’s much bigger than just who you are individually, and to have an impact on other people – and then using the gifts that God has given you to try and impact those people.”

“So it’s my anchor, and it’s been the most important thing, and I’ve enjoyed just the challenge of having to stick with that, even when it’s difficult,” he added.

Obviously, that’s not the type of perspective most expect to hear from an NBA coach these days.

And as one would expect, the left-wing media has attacked him mercilessly for it.

But Joe Mazzulla couldn’t care less because he knows what really matters.

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