This newly elected Congressman just slammed Donald Trump on MSNBC

Anti-Trump talking points continue to be a major springboard for Democrats. 

They seem to think it’ll help them win more elections.

And this newly elected Congressman just slammed Donald Trump on MSNBC.

Pat Ryan was just elected as Congressman in a special election for New York’s 19th district and now he’s on a media tirade.

Who is Pat Ryan, and why does his win matter?

Pat Ryan is a Democrat who just won a special election in New York’s Hudson Valley, and it’s a pretty significant victory.

Ryan beat Republican candidate Marc Molinaro who was supposedly a shoo-in for this rural part of the state.

In 2016, this swing district strongly supported Donald Trump in the Presidential election with a 7-point lead but swung back to give Biden a win in 2020.

The recent win by Ryan seems to be a major victory for Democrats who once thought these red-leaning districts were lost forever.

One of Pat Ryan’s biggest talking points during his campaign was the fight for abortion rights after the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Molinaro preferred to focus on crime and inflation, both of which are extremely important issues.

But somehow, Ryan managed a win, and now he’s on a media tour, focusing on Donald Trump and the “existential threat” he allegedly poses, according to MSNBC host Alex Wagner.

Wagner asked Ryan about this threat, and he responded that he’s not afraid to start putting Trump on blast or to start “calling him out.”

In addition to this statement, he went much further and resorted to calling Donald Trump “traitorous.”

More wins for Democrats could mean more losses for Americans

Ryan’s surprising win has stoked the political flames of Democrats across the nation, who now believe they have a solid chance of winning major seats during the Midterms.

Some other recent House special election wins show that Democrats are outpacing in several districts that were once considered Republican strongholds.

A few other facets of Ryan’s campaign included a focus on issues like access to assault weapons and current “threats to democracy.”

These talking points seem to be major hard hitters for Democrats and even some Independents who might have been on the fence previously.

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki thinks that Ryan’s win is a major advancement for Democrats that could improve their odds of winning more elections in the future.

Kornacki called the win a “significant victory for Democrats nationally,” and claimed that it shows the political climate in the United States has changed.

He also said that it means Democrats have a stronger chance at winning and maintaining their majority after November, praising Ryan’s win as “the strongest piece of evidence yet.”

Political analysts view swing districts like Ryan’s as a barometer for the entire nation, which means that the GOP needs to step it up if they want to see some wins.

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