This NPR reporter was left stunned and confused after talking to Democrat voters

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With the November elections only six months out, candidates have gone into full campaign mode.

Most experts predict many tight races, especially the Presidential race, meaning every issue can make a real difference.

And this NPR reporter was left stunned and confused after talking to Democrat voters.

The economy will likely play a major role in the upcoming elections

Although many American voters already know who they will vote for in the Presidential election this November, a small percentage will change their mind based on single issues they care about.

In recent elections, Democrats have effectively weaponized the abortion issue, telling potential voters that a vote for them means a vote for abortion access.

Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats hope to use the abortion issue to their advantage again this November, while Republicans hope to cash in on his poor economic record.

Last Sunday on ABC’s This Week, NPR White House correspondent Asma Khalid discussed her experiences with Democrat voters and their apparent longing for a better economy.

Khalid started the segment by claiming that “what I’ve already heard in so many of my interviews with people is a lackluster sense of enthusiasm, whether it’s black voters — you would call them sort of disaffected Republicans.”

She added that “To make this a referendum [on Trump], sure, is what the Biden campaign wants, but it is really challenging because many voters are looking at this election as a referendum on [Biden].”

Khalid then recounted her recent trip to the massively important swing state of Pennsylvania.

“I was just up in Pennsylvania,” she said. “Nonstop, I heard about the economy, and people don’t feel great about the economy now.”

“This nostalgia for the Trump years is something — it’s the economic nostalgia I heard from Democrats even, which was really shocking to me — lay Democrats, remembering how good they thought their 401K was,” the flustered NPR official added.

She closed out her segment by noting how “they would say in their next breath that they’re not going to vote for Trump for a variety of reasons, but that is what Joe Biden is up against.”

As Khalid explained, many voters long for a better economy, despite Joe Biden’s recent claims that he has created a booming economy.

Regardless of what Joe Biden says, inflation continues to skyrocket, with the price of most goods and services reaching unprecedented levels.

Many political experts believe that rising gas prices, insurance rates, food prices, and other costs could ultimately tip the balance in Donald Trump’s favor.

This means that Joe Biden will have to go into overdrive to sell the American public on his economy.

Joe Biden has an uphill battle over the next several months

Over the next several months, Joe Biden will either try to convince Americans that he has created a good economy or pivot the focus to another issue.

Many experts agree that Democrats will try to shift the focus of the election to abortion, which has been successful for them in recent years.

However, if inflation continues to increase, Joe Biden will have a tough time distracting the American public from what impacts them the most, which is their bottom line.

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