This one California county is sparking leftist outrage after this incredible ban

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California has for a long time led the country as one of the most radical Left places to live.

Most people assume that there couldn’t possibly be any conservatives living in the state.

But this one California county is sparking leftist outrage after this incredible ban.

Pride flag faces ban in Huntington Beach, California

California is widely regarded as a Democrat stronghold and most of America often expects that all the people and places there are the same—radical socialists. 

But the city of Huntington Beach is fighting leftist ideology and their most recent move is shocking people on the Left.

The City Council of Huntington Beach recently voted to advance a proposal by Republican member Pat Burns to limit flags within city limits, which would effectively ban the pride flag from government properties. 

Once the ordinance is finalized, the only flags that will be permissible in Huntington Beach will be the American, California State, POW/MIA, Huntington Beach, Orange County, and any official flag of the United States military. 

The move doesn’t directly target the pride flag, as it will affect all flags that are not on the approved list. 

But if it meets the deadline, it will also effectively remove the city’s ordinance to fly the pride flag on Harvey Milk Day in May. 

Former mayor says flying the flag is “a gesture” to the LGBTQ+ community

The decision sparked outrage from LGBTQ+ activists who claim that the move is targeting them. 

Former Mayor Connie Boardman spoke out against the move during the public comment session. 

She argued that keeping the flag on Harvey Milk Day was an important gesture to LGBTQ+ people. 

“This is a small gesture that recognizes the value of our residents and visitors who belong to the LGBTQ+ community, a gesture that shows the city sees them and values them,” Boardman said. 

Burns said that his proposal wasn’t about discriminating against a group of people but was an effort to bring the whole community together. 

“It has nothing to do with segregating or being anything else to another group,” he said. “It has nothing to do with that. It’s recognizing we are one.”

Other City Council members argued against Burns’ logic on his ban. 

Councilwoman says the move will “halt” progress

Councilwoman Natalie Moser warned that the move will do more than just alienate people from the LGBTQ+ community. 

She said that the city has been fighting to change the public perspective on the county, which has become known as the “Florida of California.”

She’s afraid that the new ordinance would look like the City Council is turning back the clock and would result in more people visiting other coastal communities.

Moser said Huntington Beach has “made progress. We have moved forward. We have made many, including myself, proud to live, to do business, to start businesses and to visit here … This agenda item, this proposal, halts that progress. It stops it.”

The new ordinances are expected to be presented to the Council at the next meeting on February 21. If the council proceeds, then it may take effect immediately.

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