This one new GOP Presidential candidate has a completely different approach to campaigning

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Presidential races are known for their mudslinging, accusations, and even an occasional scandal.

And while this definitely makes the race for the White House more exciting, it’s not always the best way to go.

But this one new GOP Presidential candidate has a completely different approach to campaigning.

Tim Scott is playing the “nice guy”

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has formally entered the 2024 Presidential race with a goal of moving the GOP away from Donald Trump and toward a more positive message.

Instead of negativity and doom and gloom, Scott said that he can unify the GOP with a much more positive message built around his unique personal story and upbeat attitude.

At a recent event in Charleston, South Carolina, Scott said that “under Joe Biden, we have become a nation in retreat. They say opportunity in America is a myth and faith in America is a fraud. But the truth of my life disproves their lies.”

Not only does Scott want to push a more positive message on the people, but he’s also showing a strong standing with several Wall Street backers.

Some of his campaign financiers include leaders from Citadel, Apollo Global Management, and Blackstone Inc.

Scott raked in several six-figure donations to his SuperPAC, Opportunity Matters Fund, during his 2022 Senate campaign alone. 

Oracle Corp. chair and co-founder Larry Ellison has donated $30 million to the PAC.

Scott acknowledged Ellison during his recent speaking event, where he was in attendance.

Donald Trump is still leading in GOP Primary polls by a wide margin.

But many believe Scott is aiming to bolster his standing and political profile to set himself up for future campaigns, while others think he is jockeying to be Trump’s running mate. 

Katon Dawson, a Nikki Haley supporter, said that “you can’t nice your way to the nomination. People are looking for somebody to fight for them. You can’t nice your way to the Vice Presidency.”

Donald Trump welcomed Tim Scott to the race on Monday by praising his past dealings with the Senator and using the moment to take a jab at Ron DeSantis.

“Tim is a big step up from Ron DeSanctimonious, who is totally unelectable. I got Opportunity Zones done with Tim, a big deal that has been highly successful. Good luck Tim,” Trump posted on his Truth Social account.

According to Scott’s campaign, they feel his optimistic approach is the best way to win Republican voters and make it to the White House.

A refreshing change

Jennifer DeCasper, one of Scott’s longtime aides and his Campaign Manager, said that people are looking for something new when it comes to a Presidential candidate.

“When we’re out talking to people, they tell us what we’re offering isn’t something they’ve heard in a while,” DeCasper said. 

Scott has also been focusing on criticizing Democrats instead of his GOP opponents.

As the only black Republican in the Senate, Scott says that Democrats are “weaponizing race” to pull the country apart. 

During his speech in North Carolina, he never mentioned Trump by name and instead targeted Joe Biden and Democrats.

Only time will tell if the “nice guy” approach will work for Tim Scott on the campaign trail. 

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