This one newly-elected President dropped the hammer on the elites at the World Economic Forum

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These days it feels like the entire world is facing a very dark time in history.

However, there are occasionally some bright glimmers of hope that could bode well for the future.

And now this one newly-elected President dropped the hammer on the elites at the World Economic Forum.

Milei slams the socialists

New Argentine President Javier Milei just attended the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Annual Meeting and had quite a lot to say.

The self-described libertarian was elected to office in November thanks to his support for the free market, a desire to cut ties to China, and plans to slash government spending.

While attending the Davos gathering, he made it clear that the West was “in danger” due to the elites’ agenda.

“Today I’m here to tell you that the Western world is in danger. And it is in danger because those who are supposed to have defended the values of the West are co-opted by a vision of the world that inevitably leads to socialism and thereby to poverty.”

He went on to talk about how many world leaders have abandoned the concept of freedom and have chosen to embrace leftism, which he likened to “collectivism.”

The 20-minute speech explained that the state “is not the solution, but is the problem itself” and that leftism has co-opted Western governments to keep pushing their radical agendas.

This was the first international speech from Milei since he took office in December of 2023.

Milei discussed how his country of Argentina had become a world power in 1860, but then became impoverished after 100 years of collectivist ideas.

“Do believe me, no one [is] in a better place than us Argentines to testify to these two points,” he said.

Perhaps one of his most striking lines was when he discussed how “collectivist experiments are never the solution to the problems that afflict the citizens of the world, rather they are the root cause.”

The Argentine President also strongly defended capitalism by saying “they say that capitalism is bad because it is individualistic and that collectivism is good because it is altruistic, and consequently they strive for ‘social justice.’ But this concept, which in the first world has become fashionable in the last decade, has been a constant in my country’s political discourse for more than 80 years.”

Milei garners praise on social media

The message from Milei garnered quite a bit of accolades from conservatives who took to social media to give him support.

Political activist Collin Rugg posted the video of the speech on X and added that “NEW: President of Argentina Javier Milei demolishes socialism in front of a bunch of socialists at the World Economic Forum.”

Frank Fleming, a conservative children’s show writer, asked “Why can’t we get a guy like this in America? This is supposed to be our thing.”

Actor Robert Davi simply wrote that Milei was “A Great leader.”

Conservative journalist Ian Miles Cheong praised the President, writing that “Milei knocked it out of the park. Leftism does not work.”

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