This picture of Trump lawyer Alina Habba broke the Internet and left tongues wagging

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Donald Trump is facing some serious legal troubles.

But at least he’s sitting next to one of the most attractive attorneys in America.

And this picture of Trump lawyer Alina Habba broke the Internet and left tongues wagging.

Trump is in serious trouble.

There are few people in the United States right now who are facing more felonies than Donald Trump.

Just a few years ago, Donald Trump was sitting in the White House and directing the United States into economic prosperity.

But then the Chinese virus came along and Donald Trump was kicked out of the White House.

And now Donald Trump is in the crosshairs of four criminal indictments against him.

In total, Donald Trump is facing 91 criminal charges.

If Donald Trump were to get convicted of all these criminal accounts, then he would be in jail for over 700 consecutive years.

But while everything looks doom and gloom for former President Trump, at least he has one thing going for him.

Donald Trump has the money and the popularity to get some of the best attorneys in the nation.

And one of the two attorneys sitting next to him right now for his court case in New York City is one of the most attractive attorneys in America.

Trump’s attorney is turning heads

Anyone who knows Trump knows that he has the ability to pick someone for his team who is able to turn heads.

And that’s exactly what Alina Habba does.

Alina Habba is a formidable attorney and one of the lead litigators for former President Trump.

And while this trial in New York City continues, she has gained popularity as she hits the news circuits and mesmerizes viewers.

This past weekend she accompanied Trump to the UFC fight in New York City, and what she was wearing completely shocked the crowd.

A lot of heads were turning when Dana White walked in with Donald Trump at the UFC 295 title fight last Saturday night at Madison Square Garden.

But all those heads did a 180 when they saw Alina Habba wearing a “FJB” necklace.

And she had a purse embroiled with the letters MAGA in glitter to go with the necklace.

Needless to say, you know where she stands on political issues.

And once Trump’s legal issues are all said and done, Alina Habba might become the new face for the MAGA movement.

Don’t be shocked if she runs for office in the very near future.

But hopefully Alina Habba can keep Trump out of jail before then.

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