This pro-Trump Congresswoman is launching a plan to turn one of the Bluest states in America Red

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

America is divided into Red states, Blue states, and just a handful of swing states. 

Of course, some states move from one category to another over time. 

And now this pro-Trump Congresswoman is launching a plan to turn one of the Bluest states in America Red. 

A reliable Democrat stronghold?

New York is widely considered one of the Bluest states in the entire country. 

Every state-wide elected seat is filled with a Democrat, including the Governor and both U.S. Senators. 

The Empire State’s 29 electoral votes have been guaranteed to the Democrat Party every four years since 1988. 

Democrats control the Gotham Congressional delegation and enjoy super majorities in the state legislature. 

However, New York Republican Representative Elise Stefanik believes a closer look beneath the numbers will prove that the Empire State is not the Blue stronghold that conventional wisdom suggests. 

Zeldin starts a movement

Then-Congressman Lee Zeldin shocked the world in 2022 when he turned what was thought to be a blowout into a competitive race by highlighting the Democrats’ failure to keep New Yorkers safe.  

Zeldin fell just six points short of upsetting incumbent New York Governor Kathy Hochul in 2022. 

His surprisingly strong performance had coattails across the state. 

Republicans actually flipped four Blue Congressional seats Red in 2022, which helped the GOP salvage one bright spot in an otherwise disappointing election cycle by winning control of the House and taking the gavel out of Nancy Pelosi’s hands. 

Chuck Schumer also had a much closer contest than he was expecting in 2022. 

Even though the Senate Majority Leader won by 14 points, it was against a no-name opponent who never stood a chance. 

Schumer actually underperformed Democrat Senators who were thought to have much more competitive races, including Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, Michael Bennett of Colorado, Patty Murray of Washington, and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. 

Stefanik – a close aide to former President Donald Trump – believes these are signs that New York could be on the verge of changing colors to Purple.  

From Blue to Purple to Red?

Stefanik is launching a PAC to turn New York into a battleground state.

The fourth-highest-ranking House Republican is calling it the Battleground Fund. 

“The Battleground Fund is going to be one of many entities that will likely be investing in these critical seats,” Stefanik told the Washington Examiner. “In any targeted race, there’s a lot of investment.”

In the midst of surging crime rates, Stefanik believes a message in the Empire State of law and order – exposing Democrats as weak on crime – could turn New York into a swing state. 

“If you look at the results in 2022, Democrats reaped what they sowed,” Stefanik said. “Their policies created a historic, catastrophic crime crisis, and it’s a direct result of their failed bail reform and radical far-Left District Attorneys. I’ll tell you what the victims have in common: Their families know that these heinous violent crimes are a result of Democrats like Alvin Bragg, Kathy Hochul, and Democrats in the delegation.” 

The Battleground Fund will face its first big test when all of New York’s 27 U.S. House seats are up for grabs in 2024. 

Can Republicans turn New York into a swing state?